Ukraine is a place

I am in a country called Ukraine which I talked about last time and said I would write about it if I had the chance to which I have now that I’m here in Ukraine like I said.

Ukraine looks better on the internet I can say for factual.  But I don’t want to talk about that which you can see for yourself if you come here.  What I want to talk about is something that I saw here that was totally weird and made me want to find this computer to tell you about it.

I have a friend who is from this town I’m in.  I went to see him and I was shocked let me tell you about the condition of the hospital.  It was like bad I’m telling you.  I wouldn’t be sick here for one minute.  We went into this place that felt like a puke blue dungeon all cement and not even a bathroom for people to use.  So I held it while we waited to get into see this guy.  When we did I saw the room was like 100 years behind the times.  There was no anything like a call button or anything.  My friend looked like he was not having a good time even one bit.  When we left we went back down in to the awful lobby and I finally said I had to go pee and they found this closet sort of place where there was a toilet.  It was dirty and I almost didn’t think it was worthy to pee in but I had no choice and so did it even though it only had this shabby curtain for my privacy which I am definitely fond of.  But this is not what I want to talk about.

When I came back into the lobby there were a bunch of nurses hauling out a dead body right out the front door.  They were laughing as they pushed and shoved to get the table over the door and out to this beat up van.  I watched them shove the guy who was covered with a sheet except for his stocking feet sticking out.  I decided right then that I was not going to die in that place even if I had to live longer than god might be planning.  Dead people can make you want to stay alive to quote the beegees.

So that’s my first report from Ukraine.  I may have another thing to tell you and if I do I will blog it up right on this great blog.


One Response

  1. Unshtenlieben goddenaven der Frednick!
    Ernst de Germany unst Munich shlipem derschedule unt der get mein to the plane on time (en).
    Good to have you back. I don’t know Ukrainish so I had to fall back on my German. Huh? Huh? Not bad ehh?

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