Sarah Palin & Shirley McCain the same person!

John McCain is pulling a fast one on the American people.  Nobody seems to notice, but due to the fact that I think above my mind (which you would know if you have been reading this great blog) I am able to see right through his plan.  And since I am for this great country, I will spill his beans.

If you have been reading this great blog you will know that I talked about John McCain’s sister Shirley awhile ago.  I said that he would have problems with her because she believes in reincarceration and other weird stuff.  I figured he would probably just try to hide that fact.  But I was wrong.  He is doing something even more bolder than everybody thinks.  He is actually having her be his Vice President!

I’m not kidding.  Everybody is wondering about this “mom from Alaska” that he has just picked to be his running mate.  Supposedly her “name” is “Sarah Palin.”  Here is her picture:

But now take a good look at John McCain’s sister:

Do you notice anything familiar?  Add some makeup and maybe some botoxin here and there and put on some fakey glasses on Shirley and you’ve got John McCain’s vice president!  Can you believe it?  A secret brother and sister team in the White house!  I bet John McCain’s wife doesn’t even know about it.

The reason I am breaking this news is to protect this great country from what is called necrotism.  Even if Shirley is somebody else who died a hundred years ago and came back, she is still sort of related to John McCain.  Now it might be different if John McCain was just up front about it and said, “hey I want my flaky sister to be vice president” but he’s trying to pull a fast one.  This is different than Osama pretending to be a black guy because Osama is not related to his running mate as far as I know and in politics you can lie about yourself, just not anybody else.

At first I suspected the “mom” from “Alaska” may have been Keith Richards, but I don’t think Keith could pretend to be a conservative even if he had to.  Shirley McCain could pull it off because she’s an actress she’s pretty good at faking.  Oh, and Keith smokes and he’s got too many wrinkles for even botoxin to take care of.

Anyway, this election is now getting interesting mostly due to the fact that nobody is really who they say they are, except for this guy named Marv Bilton I met at the park yesterday.


2 Responses

  1. Hmmmmmmmmmm……

    I am sure the whole thing has something to do with the Bildenberger Group and the Concil of Foreign Relationships. They are pretty much running the world. I know they are into necromapetism! you know it.

    Thanks for guarding the wall for all of us.


  2. Once again you have amazed me with your ability to “think above your mind” as you tend to do on your great blog.
    Because I don’t think above my mind like you, I totally missed this connection and instead assumed that governor Palin was the sister of that Michael guy who was part of the famous British comedy troop “Mighty Pie Thong”, I guess I was wrong.
    So feel good that you noticed this while I am left to grieve over the fact that I spent to much time allowing British comedy to shape my “world view”. Dang it!

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