When I was a kid I had to sit still and pay attention in school. In church too but that was harder except that God was scarier and could catch you even in your mind. If I wiggled or talked in class I got in trouble let me tell you. But now days kids can wiggle and distract all they want to because they invented a new disease kids can have. It’s a lack of attention disease that exclaims why they can’t sit still and not pay attention anymore. The fancy name is too complicated so they just perforate it to HDTV. But in my book it’s just an excuse not a real disease. Like for example dipslexia is which is where one eye is not connected to the brain but just wanders sideways when it’s supposed to be paying attention. That’s why dipslexic people turn things around. Like for instance say I showed them an apple. Well, I might have an apple in my hand but they would see a car or something. Dipslexic people aren’t allowed to do things like fly planes either for the simple fact that they might think they’re flying a pencil or something which would be hard to land.

The reason I don’t believe in HDTV is because of the fact that it’s about the failure of discipline in our society mostly. People don’t want to tell a kid, “Hey kid. Shut up and sit down!” Then the lawyers and counseling lady would have the person fired for being insensitive to the kid’s needs. So now they are forced to think that the reason the kid is being a stupid blockhead is because he has a disease that makes him a stupid blockhead so it’s not his fault.

I think another reason why this new HDTV disease is so popular is that people are making a lot of money off of it. It’s the only disease that people are even trying to have people want to have. I hear on the radio and in the ads in the paper about big sales on HDTV and on how great it is to get it. I ask you, how lame can you get? For my life I can’t figure out why I would want such a disease as to even pay $3000 plus for it. And it’s not just a disease people are selling. You can even buy plasma too! I am not joking. Even Costco is trying to pawn this stuff off. I read an article by somebody expert who was trying to decide whether to buy HDTV or plasma. What’s this world coming to that people are trying to choose between buying a disease or blood? I think we have gone overboard in my opinion.

I don’t mind telling you that there is a solution: Just hit wiggly kids until they pay attention. I am indigent on this. It is common scents to think about it this way. So don’t even think you can change my mind. If you happen to be a HDTV supporter I feel sorry for you mostly because you probably couldn’t even stay sitted long enough to read down to here. You are probably playing video games which is where HDTV comes from anyway. Factistics prove that people who spend all their time playing video games are the definition of attention disease. If we didn’t have video games we wouldn’t have it, just a bunch of blockheads who got hit for it which they should be. It’s the right thing to do instead of feeling sorry for them or giving them permission to be dumber than everybody else because they have a disease. Hit them I say and fix the problem.

So I am not in favor of diseases for kids that are excuses for not sitting still. Excepting maybe diarrhea which I have just been having a lot of lately. This would be an exception because hitting a kid with diarrhea is a recipe for disaster that somebody will have to clean up on. And if the kid doesn’t have a pile of too old underwear like I do, then he’s out of luck to put it out there. So diarrhea is an exception and maybe upset stomachs too which can have the same effect when hit. I’m not sure which would be worst, but it’s probably best to avoid the situation which is why I make that exception.


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  1. Did you add the link to the ad on the bottom, or did google happily do that for you. Whichever it is – it is a perfect footnote.

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