I am not a lover of pressure, except for the fact of tires which need pressure to be inflated. Balloons are also dependent on pressure to be balloons. If you think about it, otherwise they would be just little stretchy rubbery clumps. So pressure has its place in these two things for sure. I suppose the weather needs pressure too to work right. Otherwise weather would just sit around not moving. Weather actually needs whole systems of pressure because it is important. All those little pressures get organized by the weatherman into systems which then tell the weather what to do. It’s kind of like communism or fashion, unless there are systems of pressure you can’t have them. So somebody organizes all the smaller pressures into one thing that can get things moving.

But personally I don’t like pressure that much. Once my eardrums blew out on an airplane when it landed because my head was stuffed due to the fact of a head cold. That was pressure you don’t want to know about. I also don’t appreciate pressure when it means people want stuff from me and I’m not ready yet. Then you end up getting frizzled just trying to meet everybody’s wants even though you aren’t ready.

jet-lag-02But there is a another kind of pressure I really don’t like more than anything. It’s the pressure of the future. When I went to India I was in your future, but for me it was still now. So that’s not pressure for me, only jet lag when I came home backwards in time to your now again. Still, jet lag is nothing to sneeze on. It gets you all upside down in the time department so that you want to sleep in the day instead of at night which is day in India. This could be a megaphysical issue except that jet lag happens below your mind.

But anyway, as I was saying before I interrupted myself, I am pressurized by the future of me and the world. For example, is a terrorist going to blow everybody up before I get rich? What if I need to get a job? Or maybe globular warming will melt all the oil in North Dakota and the oceans will fill up and cover the shores. This might be fixed by moving the shores more inland as the ocean rises, that is if we can all decide where to put the shores. I can just imagine us arguing about that until it’s too late.

There are lots of other future pressure issues I don’t appreciate neither. Like what happens if everybody ends up changing their language away from English to Spanish or Canadian? I would be the only person who spoke normal English anymore. Or what will I do if the government bans electricity due to climax change? Will my computer run okay on corn oil or origami? I tell you, these are pressures I don’t appreciate one bit.

You cannot be too safe from pressure. I deny it for relief, but this is just what they call self-conception and cannot result in stopping the future. Only deciding against the future can bring relief from pressure, but then you have all that unused time heaping up. That is just more pressure. It’s what you call a loop of recursion which is a problem nobody can solve due to the fact of there’s no brake.

I rest my case.



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