Toilet Paper Issue

I am a tolerant kind of person who tolerates a lot. If somebody wants to be a black person, that’s their choice. A person can choose to be a woman too, for all I care, even though they won’t get paid as much. I am not prejudiced against thespians either. They can like who they want. It’s probably none of my business unless they try to open an auto repair shop. I’d probably draw the line on that. Thespians and mechanics don’t mix in my book. But this is more a scientific observation than a cultured one. Basically I am really an open-ended person if you want to know. Just because I don’t happen to like something doesn’t mean that somebody else doesn’t happen to like it. Take organical food for instance. Some people like organical food without chemicals in them. Personally, I like chemicals in my food because it kills things I don’t want in my food, but that’s just my opinion on that. I know that some people like to know that their eggs or drumsticks come from chickens who were happy before they had their heads cut off. I don’t really care if my egg was from a happy chicken or not. But I will tell you, if I find a dead chicken in my backyard I’m not just going to dump it into my neighbor’s yard. I’m going to treat it with respect and you know why I hope.

So what I’m saying is that I’m a tolerant person with tolerance. Democrats should love me I think. But Republicans should love me too because I have certain things I am not tolerant about too. Take morality. I like morality most of the time, and I believe traditions. Like, for instance, Christmas, though I know that some people think Christmas has become commercialized. But that’s why I like it. Otherwise I might as well join the Jews who don’t have Christmas to hype up their religion, which is probably why they wear those funny yamahas instead. In my opinion, religion all by itself is kind of boring. But not everybody agrees with me on that I suppose. But that’s my point. I’m pretty tolerant.

Except for one thing that I make an exception on. Toilet paper direction. Toilet paper should always come over the top of the roll, not from behind underneath it. This is not a matter of preference like sex or religion. Toilet paper is about naturalness pure and simple. Nobody can convince me that having the toilet paper come from the bottom of the roll is natural. It doesn’t work like that. Even the Bible probably has something to say about it, but I’m not sure since I haven’t looked it up. Anyway, toilet paper is meant to come over the top so you can tear it off right. If the paper is in the back you have to roll the roll manually to get at it. When it’s over the top like it should be, there’s not any problem.

My dad had this thought. It was more of an idea, actually. He thought that because his toilet paper hung right over the heat vent the paper should come down from the back to keep the hot air from unrolling the roll. Now he’s my dad and he’s entitled to an opinion on most things, but here he is just being ridiculous. I’ve argued with him many times about this. I’ve even showed him how his theory doesn’t work. But did that convince him? You bet it didn’t. He’s stubborn about it and keeps putting his roll on backward. Because I’m tolerant, you would think I’d leave his private bathroom alone for privacy. But instead I went in when he wasn’t in there and turned the roll around. I felt better for sure. But I’d have to keep checking because he would always turn it back to the unnatural way. It was a secret fight for a long time until I moved away. Except when I come home I go in there and turn it around for the sake of naturalness.

So now you know where I stand on this issue I hope. In my house all the toilet paper rolls are put in right. You can do what you want in your house, but that doesn’t mean you’re right about it. Like I say, I’m a tolerant person, but there are things that you can’t be tolerant about. Like toilet paper roll direction as a case of points.



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