I am going to explain the Jain religion, which is a religion in India. I would not be explaining it if somebody had not asked about it. That person who asked about the Jain religion thinks that just because I was in India I would be an expert on such a thing as Indian religions which, if you want to know, the Jain religion is one of. They are thinking that my knowledge of the 32 million gods over there makes me an expert on Indian religions. I suppose if you can talk about 32 million gods you would have people think such a thing as that. That is the danger of talking about 32 million gods in India. Somebody is going to end up asking you about the Jain religion. It’s just to be expected.

First of all, the Jain religion is not called the Jain religion. It is called Jainism. This is why I call this explanation of the Jain religion Jainism instead of the Jain religion which would show that I didn’t know what I was talking about. By putting ism on the end of Jain you get a religion, except when you get something else like Communism which is more of a reddish color. So let’s get that straight right away.  Jain all by itself is not a religion. It must have ism after it. Then it is a religion.

Now, the Jain part is what makes Jainism. It should be obvious to everybody that if you take Jain out of Jainism all you have is just a religion without anything in it. I would call that an empty religion, but that would be a technical way of saying it which could confuse you. So I will just say that the Jain part is important or you would have a bunch of people not knowing what their religion was about. They would get together and sort of mill around and not know what they were there for. After a while they would probably just go home. Now, I’m asking you, what kind of religion would that be? Not much of one I bet. You have to have a Jain in there someplace to keep people from just going home.

Jain is hysterical, which means that it came from the past. Somewhere in the past there was a Jain of some kind. Remember what I said before,  you have to have a Jain, even if you have to get it from the past. So obviously somebody found one and then added ism to it. So that’s pretty much how we actually got Jainism.

Jainism followers have strong beliefs. One of them is that they shouldn’t kill animals. They are so anti animal killing that some of them will wear masks on their faces so they don’t accidentally breathe in a bug. They are careful not to step on bugs either. Cats are not Jainism followers. If they were I would not have had such an issue with squirrels. And for sure the spider issue would not have happened if I was a Jainism person. But that is another issue from this one I’m talking about now. I was told today that some Jainism people don’t even believe in wearing clothes. That is probably only in India where naked people are considered religious. In America, naked people are just naked and found on the internet. Who knows? Maybe some of those internet naked people are Jainism followers who are just practicing their religion. I don’t want to be prejaundiced against them as long as they’re not killing any bugs while they’re doing it.

So that is pretty much all a person can say about what that person mistakenly called the Jain religion which is really called Jainism. You can look it up on Wikipedia if you trust them more than me. But I remind you that I was in India so I should know about these things. It’s just natural. There are other things I am an expert in about India too, like, for instance, trash, which is all over the place. I could write lots of interesting information about Indian trash that you would find interesting so maybe I will if I don’t get anymore unasked for questions about Indian religion. This time I had to deal with that question so that is why I wrote about it and don’t have time to write about Indian trash which I probably would have.


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  1. are you some crazy person doesnt know anything but have to write ????????

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