Indian Starbucks

In case you don’t know yet, I was in India once. There are many things I could teach you about India which some of them I have in this blog already. But as I’ve said over and over, I will not repeat myself on this.

One night I went out into the Indian traffic. It was very crazy. In fact some guy driving a motored rickshawy thing ran into the back of our car. Then in the middle of the Indian traffic he got out to convince us that our car was okay. Let me tell you, you can forget about any long arguments or trading insurance information over here. Let me just say that we went on with our business of going through traffic.

We ended up I don’t know how at the place we were going to. It was a place called Cafe Coffee Day. It was a coffee shop if you haven’t guessed. Let me tell you the story about it. The guy who started these shops went to a Starbucks somewhere not in India. He came back and started this chain to be like the Indian Starbucks. Now due to the fact that he was a relative of a big time Indian politics official, he was able to do pretty much what he wanted. So with money who knows where he got it he started this chain of coffee shops called what I already told you.

We went inside and it was air conditioned and cleaner than a real Indian coffee shop should be. We were the only people in there except for at least five guys working. It was a traffic of service I tell you. So we ordered coffee like you would think and a dessert which was a chocolate mouse cake or something. It was good. Then I wanted to buy some Indian coffee beans but not ground up yet to take home.  They didn’t have any there so we jumped back into the traffic with the help of a guy with a whistle whose permanent job was to stand in the tiny parking place of the place and tell people how to back out blowing his whistle and waving his arm like he knew what he was doing, which he didn’t. But we figured out that if we ignored him we could do it.

So we drove into the night traffic which was getting worse every minute and drove through a back alley which in India is called a street and found this hole in the wall place with a tiny lighted sign also saying Cafe Coffee Day. But they did not serve coffee drinks. There was one guy there standing behind a dirty counter with an old fashioned weighing thing called a scale. Behind him were a few burlap bags of roasted beans. That was it. We asked what kind of beans he had and the guy just outright scooped the beans out with his hand and showed them to us just like that. He poked at the beans with his dirty finger and said things which I didn’t understand at all. Well, we bought some of those poked beans anyway, mostly because. Now I have some real Indian coffee beans to grind up and serve other people, but probably I’m not going to drink them because of the fact of those guy’s hands all over those beans. But it’s probably okay to use them on other people who don’t know about those dirty hands. Like they say, what you don’t know about nobody tells you.

So that’s my comments on that experience that I had. You can trust me on this because I was there when it happened to me. Anyway, if you want be educated more than you can get in Wikipedia about India which I can tell you about, you should check this blog again.


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  1. Cafe Coffee Day is a bright spot of Americanized bliss in a country with large desert wastelands of no coffee. God bless the founders. 🙂

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