When I finally left India that time, I was not in India anymore, but for a while I was not in America yet too. I was in an airport in Bangkok waiting. Waiting is what you do when you are not anywhere you are supposed to be. It is like being in Limbo I think, which is a suburb of Purgatory or at least sort of close. Here you just wait. It is the thing to do. Wait. Wait. Wait.

You may think that a blog about waiting could be interesting, but that would show that you don’t know anything about Limbo except trying to duck under a stick to dumb music thinking you are having a good time. That is not much understanding if you ask me.

So there I was waiting, not being interesting at all. You can’t talk about waiting like it’s something you’re doing because you are not doing anything really. Waiting is what you do between doing something and doing something else. It is in the middle. The middle is what you call Limbo like I already said. You may tell me that at least I’m writing this post so I’m doing something already, but you cannot call that doing something as you would know if you had been paying attention for a while here. This is obviously a waiting post which is different from a post that is written either before or after the middle which is the waiting part. Those posts are definitely about something I hope you know by now.

Waiting waiting waiting. For what you might ask? It doesn’t matter. All waiting is the same no matter what you are waiting for. The idea is that whatever it is you are waiting for is not here yet. That is the most important part of the idea. So if it is not here, it doesn’t matter what it it is. I hope you get my meaning on this. It is actually very philosophical, this that I’m talking about. I would even call this blog megaphysical to a point without getting religious one bit even. You know I don’t like being interrupted by religion when I am doing this.

But this is not a religious issue, like Jainism or driving the speed limit, to point out the failed testings of some people I will not name who tried to tempt me into a point I didn’t agree with in the first place. There is a big difference between the megaphysical and the religious for those of us to know. Religions sometimes needs gods. Maybe not 32 million of them like in India, but maybe one up to three would do for a start. You can always add gods as you go along when you get good at handling the ones you’ve got. That way none of the gods you have will feel left out.

But the megaphysical, which is what this post about waiting is, only needs some place not here, even if nobody lives there. This is like an empty lot in your neighborhood. Nobody lives there, but you can see it when you walk by it. It may have weeds or dirt or candy wrappers and these would be the same as ideas you can have. When they’re clumpier they are called concepts. All of the empty lot together is megaphysical. You can go there without worrying about trespassing on somebody’s yard. That’s why having a god move in changes the neighborhood. Now you cannot just go there and mind your own business, which is exactly the definition of megaphysical. Now somebody lives there who owns the lot and you have to ask permission or sneak in when they’re not looking or sleeping or on vacation. That’s when it becomes religion. Religion is basically trespassing on somebody else’s property and getting caught and having to ask for permission when before you could just go there and look at the weeds or even play kickball or something fun without worrying about breaking something.

So to reilliterate, I was not in India anymore. This post is about waiting, which I was still then. Besides I already finished India up pretty well I think. After reading my blogs about India you pretty much know everything you need to know. Except there are some people who think I don’t know everything, but they are just nitpicking I hope you know. I’m pretty much the only person who has covered India in such a shrunk way as I did. You could probably not find anything like it in Wikipedia. That’s a plus I think.

So now I’m done with writing about waiting because I’ve pretty much covered all a person can about it. There is a lot of very deep stuff here if you can find it and then you can think about it for a long time.


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  1. Hey! Godot got here while I was reading this blog about waiting! How cool is that?

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