My Head is Shaped Weird

Some people have nice round heads like they’re supposed to. Other people have very weird shaped heads like for instance too long and skinny or smashed in like a rotten pumpkin. This is not a problem for me since they are other people’s heads and not mostly my business except for staring at them because their heads are weird. Besides, it’s not usually a person’s fault what shape their head is except if they did it on purpose for cosmic reasons like plastic surgery or just for fun with a vise grip or hammer or major car accident.

Take for example people with hydrocephalus (which I know how to spell because of the fact that I had a spelling bee once and never forgot it—the pressure of a spelling bee is huge and I should have put it in in my blog just before this one but didn’t think about it at the time). Hydrocephalus is an interesting head disease which you can tell from the name of it if you had my education specifics. Hydro means water. You should know this because water is chemistry and we get the word hide from it which points to the fact that sometimes water is hidden in the ground. But the reason I first got interested in this disease is due to the fact that it ends with phalus, a literature word for willy. Now you put those two ideas together and you pretty easy get the idea of peeing.

Now you have a problem when you get plugged up down there. Where’s all that water supposed to go? Well, you got it. It backs up into a person’s head. After a while the head swells up to hold all that back up pee and you’ve got hydrocephalus. Some people call it water on the brain who don’t know the technical word like I do. The only way to cure it is to deplug a person’s willy which can be hard because that’s a sensitive issue for most people or you can drill a hole in a person’s head so they can pee from there. I once went into a toilet in a hotel where there was a wedding party. There was a whole bunch of drunk people in the toilet peeing but one guy was knelt over a toilet. I thought he was just sick, but it could have been he had hydrocephalus and just had to get closer to aim better. But how should I know? I am much to polite to ask somebody a question in that situation.

head.jpgI do not have hydrocephalus because my plumbing works pretty good most of the time even though I am starting to pee in Morse Code as a result of I’m not a teenager anymore. But my head is shaped weird anyway. It is not round but has definite high points. They run from the front to the back. There are two ridges and a peak in the middle. Here is a drawing which is a map of my head that I made myself. It shows what I am talking about. The problem is when I get a haircut since my hair is cut short. The hair cutter has to cut it not to the shape of my head like you would suppose but has to make it look like my head doesn’t have those weird shapes which is hard to do or I look like a cone head or something and I do not appreciate looking like a cone head let me tell you. So this is my problem with my head mostly.

Now you may think you have a weird shaped head too but this is not the point of this blog which is my head shape.  This is what you call an informative blog which you know already if you have been reading this blog.  You are informed about things like my head shape that you wouldn’t learn from someplace else like Wikipedia.  That is why this is a great blog.


5 Responses

  1. thanks. been big help. my head is shaped exactly like that/yours and i was worrying if i’m an outer race of being or something. 😀

  2. Why were all the comments deleted?

  3. You are a monkey in the gutter! For this boring article.

  4. I’m going to be shaving my head soon. I’m interested in seeing if my head feels as it looks.

  5. I have a rooftop head too! It’s nice to know that other people like this exist.

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