Mormon in the White House

I think a Mormon president would be a good thing which means I think that guy Miff Romney would make a good president of this country.

I should tell you that I am not a member of the Mormon religion, which is also called a church of later saints which I think is about that they have their services not so early in the morning as other religions.  Like I said just before, I am not a member of those later saints.  This is not because Mormonism is not a good religion.  Mostly it’s because their religion is too complicated with their beliefs in genies and other planets.  I prefer my religion simple so I can believe it easier.  That Allah religion is simple with only one god but it’s maybe too simple for grownups.  Their religion manual called the Kran is like the same thing over and over which in my book is boring to the max.

But even if I’m not a member of Mormonism, I think it is a pretty good religion for a president to have.  Here’s why.  Later saints have lots of attention on being good.  They aren’t supposed to be mean or immemorial.  Other Christian religions are more wide for people to do what they want because of grace which means they don’t have to be good to go to heaven because of grace which other Christian religions are full of.  That’s why your basic Christian does bad stuff when they are president because they have grace to get them out of a jam.

But because that guy Miff is Mormon, he is more attention to being good because he doesn’t have any grace to fall back on.  This would be good in my book because he would spend more time doing good things instead of being a Christian which just gets a person into trouble if you ask me.  Expecially the president of these united states I think.  So I think it would be good to vote for Miff to be president over that woman Sarah Palen who is trying to be an Alaskan.  If she would try to be Mormon I would consider her too because then she would be worried about being good instead of religious.

So I wouldn’t worry about some Mormon as president.  I don’t think he will make speeches about genies or other planets since he only believes in them along with the other later saints.  And another thing, those Mormon churches are kept up nice too.  The yards are green and mowed and they fit right into the neighborhood not like those huge nagatoriums those metachurches have which don’t fit in.  Besides from the pictures Miff seems like a nice-looking person like you would find in a Lands End catalog wearing warm clothes.  He would look pretty good at a summit next to those Eropians who always think they’re more culturaled than us.  Well with Miff there we could be confident about that.

I hope you will consider these thoughts, which are ideas actually.  You will have to decide for yourself because this is America after all.  But I would appreciate it if you would think about my wise blog about it.


2 Responses

  1. Why not. We have a Muslim now maybe a good god maker next.Washington had his beliefs in the Mason religion. Thats what makes this country great the freedom to worship God. The job of president has its stress causing anyone to fall on their knees and cry out to God I would think. If we don’t like a presidents policies we vote him out that’s the freedom we have

  2. yes a genie would be good to have for the president of the united states with a morman religion he would help all the kids learn to about working hard and doing good stuff for all the people and tell us about things like what good kind of underwear

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