I would like to talk about being mental. Most people are not mental at all but just do stuff based on their feelings. Like for example love or tooth pain. Those feelings can make you do things that you don’t think about or you wouldn’t do them. When you have love feelings you do stupid things because of those feelings which you feels stupid about later afterwards. Tooth pain makes you cranky which if you think about it has nothing to do with crankiness but it still does that. They are not related one bit. That is how I know doing things based on your feelings can cause problems.

I have given up feelings and am mostly mental now. This makes life way simplistic and easier. Take for example religion, which I don’t want anybody to interrupt me about on their own idea. You should know this by now if you have been reading this great blog.  I have decided that religion is an important part of life mostly because people need something to bank on besides politics or food items. This is what is called human nature which is a technical terminology that might mix you up so don’t worry about it. The idea that humans are part of nature gives them excitement and they even write poems about it. These guys who wrote the poems are romantical which is a literature term for the same thing. This blog should show you how much I am knowing a wide space of things the normal person doesn’t. That’s why this is a great blog.

I am not romantical in the least. Ask anybody like my wife. She should know and would probably take a lot of time to explain it to you. Sometimes she even explains it to me. I can tell she is affected by my mental direction. Like I said, I gave up feelings to be mental. In my mind I have all the things I use, like culture, which I talked about before on this blog so I won’t repeat myself again here once more.

Being mental keeps me from getting overly excited about stuff like love or religion. I have a good balance as they say. That way I don’t become a fanatic such as guys like Charlie Sheen. He says he’s mental but I wouldn’t go the farm on that. I can tell the difference between things so don’t have to make some mistake about it. Take for example philosophy and paint. Since I am mental I would never confuse them and think they are the same thing. It’s this kind of benefit you get from my way of mentalness toward life.

Not everybody can be mental. You have to have lots of room in your brain to do it. If it’s packed with stuff there’s no room left for mental thinking (Charlie Sheen is a case of points). I pretty much cleared my brain out which gave me lots of room for mental issues. Some other people have done that too in history like that art guy Vango. It’s not easy, but it can be done if you work at it carefully. I am proof of it.

So this blog is a place you can come to read about my mental work if you can’t do it yourself. I don’t expect you to be as good as me about it so don’t feel guilty for having feelings about stuff unless it is unnatural like toward celery or Marie Osmond.


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  1. I was a bit disappointed because I expected a deeper insight into being mental, which I obvs am not. I liked the anatomically correct haircut of the figure.

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