I get the New York Times sometimes mostly because I get it for free. I wouldn’t pay for it no way. I am not from New York and would not pay to find out about it. It’s not that I’m prejuiced toward New York which I’m not one bit. In fact, I have been there once I think, back when David Leiberman didn’t even have a late show there yet. That is a long time ago for people to think about. So since I was there you can be sure that I’m not down on New York, except I don’t like the Yankees basketball team which is a principle based on the fact that I grew up in North Dakota where we had to like the Vikings team even if we didn’t. So that explains my position.

But in the New York Times I read this science article that said human beings use denial which helps them survive. I can’t say I understood all of it since it was written in New York language, but I picked up enough to be informative about it. They did all this studying and I could have told them already all they needed to know about that subject. So since you probably don’t read that paper because you didn’t get it for free, I will tell you what I already know about this subject of denial.

First you have to be a human to have it. Animals like dogs or goldfish can’t have denial, mostly because they don’t have anything to have denial about. This is from observation I have done. Cats do more denial than dogs you might say, and cows seem like it but they’re pretty much dumb. Denial needs a certain smartness to do. Dumb can’t do denial because it doesn’t know what to aim it at. So dumbness and denial are two completely opposite things and animals can’t have it like humans can. If you are an animal lover you probably have a different opinion, but I have never considered animal lovers to have higher thoughts like me. It’s impossible I’m sorry to say.

But denial is what humans do when they are ignoring the facts of life. A long time ago somebody probably stumbled on some facts they didn’t like (like dinosaurs) so they invented ignoring. After they got good at ignoring and if they didn’t die, then they added denial, which is a more advanced ignoring. Ignoring means you know something is there but just don’t pay attention to it. Denial makes that thing pretty much indivisible. It’s a pretty cool trick if you practice it a lot so you don’t notice that you’re playing a trick on yourself. If you don’t practice, you will notice the trick and not believe yourself. Then you drop down into ignoring again and are stuck there until you get good enough at tricking, which is denial all the way if you want to know.

Well, the idea is that you can make stuff you don’t like go away by this denial trick. I am very good at it. I am so good in fact that I don’t even know how good I am because I have made bad stuff not there at all, which means I can’t even tell you what it was anymore. Now that is an expert kind of denial which you probably can’t pull off as a layman. You may have to stick to ignoring most of your life due to not being able to do the trick very good. But ignoring may work fine for you, it’s just not as advanced.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about denial so you don’t have to run out to buy a New York Times or look it up on the internet. I wouldn’t even bother checking out Wikipedia either. They don’t have information like this there mostly. This great blog is where you’ll find it I hope you know by now.


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