I’m way funnier than them

What really bugs me is that other people who are not as funny as me are famous for being funny. A case in points is Woopy Goldstein. She isn’t funny even one bit. She’s just a really ugly woman who gets to be on TV because Billy Crystal and Robin Wilhelms need to be politically correct. So they have her on even though she’s a real bomb as far as funny goes. Then there’s those fake news guys like Ron Howard and Robert Colbert that everybody raves about, but they aren’t even close to as funny as me. I hate listening to them because I’m not laughing only thinking I’m lots funnier than them except hardly nobody except me knows it. That Dave Berry is another guy who I’m way funnier than for sure, but he most likely gets special treatment due to the fact that he’s partly Jewish. Anyway, these lame guys get all the press which shows that it’s not based on real funniness like I have or I would for sure be them.

So here I am way funnier than all these famous “comedians” who totally aren’t as funny as me. Except for maybe George Carlin who was really funny, except he’s dead now and isn’t doing new material as far as I know.

Well, that’s pretty much all I want to say about that. And I don’t feel like making you laugh just to prove a point. I’m not cheap like those other guys.


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