Organical Issues

I have noticed that there is a whole lot of space in the grocery store for organical stuff. When I was a kid organic meant it was pretty much made of dirt and cow poop. Now it’s something you’re supposed to want to eat. This is an issue for sure because now everybody is on the organical stuff bandwagon. Basically you are not supposed to want to eat anything that has chemicals in it which is pretty much everything if you want to know. But because this is a great blog for issues, I will be more examinational about it so you can learn something which is why you probably have come to this great blog for that reason.

Organical people are against stuff like bug killer or growing hormoans. But this is a problem mostly because I don’t want to eat bugs or I would buy them to eat in the first place. A long time ago I was walking with my dad and aunt in Carmel which is the place where Clint Eastdale was mayor. We went into a store and found a can of bee balls. I’m not kidding. The can said bee balls. My dad and aunt started laughing because of it. I think they thought it was funny, but not about what I was thinking since I was only a little kid. I was thinking that somebody could buy that can and eat bees, which I think it really was, not what my dad and aunt were laughing about which I don’t want to go into now that I’m older and know what they were probably laughing about in the first place. So I’m telling you that if I wanted bugs I could go to Carmel at least and buy a can of bee balls which are no way what you are thinking like my weird dad and aunt did. Bug killer is not bad unless you love bugs more than vegetables. If you do then you can go out and buy your own bee balls to eat.

chx-on-steroidsNow about growing hormoans. These are extra things they feed animals so they get more meat on them faster. What’s the big deal about that I want to know? People do that all the time. In my buffness blog which I wrote about last time, I told you about these guys who pump iron to get huge muscles. Well, they also take proteam powder which is to help their muscles grow bigger faster. And not only that, some guys even take hemroids to boost their muscles even more. This is not legal in some places, but they do it anyway. Now I ask you what’s the problem if cows want to get bigger or chickens either? Should we deny them growing hormoans when we do it ourselves? That is plain hypocrity. Let those chickens take whatever they want I say. Besides, they’re only going to get killed for us to eat anyway. It’s not like they have something to live for or anything.

Which brings up another organical issue which is totally weird if you ask me. Now they have this idea of free range chickens. I read on a package of organical chicken broth that they let the chickens run free around so they are happy chickens before they have their heads cut off. This is called humane treating of animals. But I have an issue. How can you treat an animal humane? They are an animal not a human. Besides we don’t even treat humans humane so why should a chicken get special treatment. I say fatten them up and kill them as fast as we can so that the farmers have a good life. Maybe they should have a package that says “chickens killed in cold blood” so we have truthfulness in advertising.

vegan_manOrganical people are very strange about their beliefs. They think they are healthier than everybody else who eats fat cows and debugged vegetables. But they are the same as everybody else, even more the same if you ask me about it. Who wants to read labels to find out if a chicken was happy? Who cares if the worm that sat on my tomato got nuked? I don’t for sure except that somebody in my house who I won’t name doesn’t like chemicals even one little bit. So our butter is organical and our fruits and vegetables have the bugs still on and the chickens were happy before they got their heads chopped off and even the tofu was probably happy before it was killed too. So I am in the middle of an organical environment even though I’m totally above it.

And that brings up another issue which is the environment. I am hearing that the north pole is melting and that the temperature of the world is going up. Everybody is worried about Greenland which is so hypercritical since nobody even wants to live there anyway. And who cares about the north pole if there is no such thing as Santa? That should let people know that there really is no north pole anyway. It is only a fig of imagination that is totally not real. So why worry about it. If we want to save some imaginarial north pole let’s imagine it better than it is. That would do the trick, but nobody would listen to you anyway.

And that brings up another issue which is recycling which I happen to like mostly. I like anything that gets junk or garbage out of my house, which is what recycling is. Now I can throw out junk and feel good about it because somebody is pretending to make something new out of it. What a joke. Who would buy a new thing made out of old garbage? Not me I hope you know. I even am careful when I get a cup of coffee which says it is made from ten percent of recycled stuff. I don’t even touch my lips to that 10 percent no way. It’s my way of protesting my views on the issue.

So the organical thing is not all that it’s cracked up to be. But if somebody in your house is like totally into it, you probably should just go along for the ride because if you don’t you’ll probably have to sleep on the couch. And I should know.


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