Another saying I just remembered

I already told you about my weird uncle and his saying he told me that didn’t make sense even one little bit. You should read that blog. It is very interesting I have to say.

Well, since that blog I have been doing other important stuff in life. This deep blog could make you think that all I do is think deep things to blog about for your benefiting. But you don’t even know all the other things I am good at in my life that I don’t blog about here for example teaching little kids about death and exercising my physicality so I live longer than people who die before me.  And I’m still dealing with the effects of the toilet fiasco which I don’t even want to talk about. So you see that I don’t always have to be doing this great blog, but how would you know unless I told you this?

Since that blog about my uncle’s weird saying which I just said about, I remembered another saying I was told by somebody not my uncle. It happened when I was a teenager and got into a lot of trouble for just being a teenager. That’s one thing grownups forget about is being a teenager. They were one when they were in their teens but they seems to forget that important fact about it. I for one have not forgotten that I was a teenager before I became not one. This is why I am very knowing about teenager issues for example sex and being pier pressurized. I can talk about sex like you wouldn’t believe but since this is a blog about something else you will just have to take my word for it.

Well, here is the saying I am referring to about. I had just done something very teenagery and got into trouble for it. I was what you call grounded which in my house meant that I had to sit on my hands against the kitchen wall without going to the bathroom for seven hours. My grownup parents thought seven was a perfect number so that seemed to fit with everything in their minds. So while I’m sitting against the kitchen wall on my hands (except I cheated and had my hands to the side a little bit which they didn’t figure out) and all of a sudden I remember a saying from school that we read that Ben Franklin wrote. I have no idea why I was thinking about Ben Franklin against that kitchen wall but I guess as they say the mind works in misty ways. So here this totally random saying pops into my head. Here it is. “Fish and visitors smell in three days.”

For reals he said that and I somehow thought of that saying sitting on my butt against the kitchen wall supposedly sitting on my hands which I wasn’t. Now I ask you, what good is thinking about a saying like that in my condition? I think not one bit. So there I am with another useless saying rolling around my head like the one my uncle told me before which makes two useless sayings in a row just separated by an in between.

So here is what I’m concluding about this kind of thing. Sayings are basically just sayings that don’t have to deal with anything. People like sayings because they always sound so wise or something. But I’m here to tell you to forget about that.  Unless they can help you if you’re sitting against a kitchen wall for seven hours, they’re probably useless anyway. I should know.


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