What’s the difference between a duck?

duck.jpgMy dad had this weird riddle he told me when I was a kid which was what’s the difference between a duck? Now when you’re a little kid you trust your dad to make sense. Dads are supposed to teach their kids how to grow up to be good citizens and believe in important things like morals and credit. Sometimes also dads do stuff like ask a kid to pull their finger so they can fart and think it’s funny, but that is just dumb stuff that kids already know and it doesn’t confuse them with reality. My dad had me pull his finger a couple of times and I’m telling you I learned pretty dang fast not to do that anymore.

But this weird question was just too weird. What’s the difference between a duck? What’s that supposed to mean? When you’re a kid you have to believe your dad that you trust is not messing with your megaphysicality. But my dad apparently didn’t know that rule I’m guessing. So he asks this and when I don’t know he tells the answer which is “one leg is both the same.” That is a quote exactly what he said.

This is what you call unsensical all the way except that as a kid I didn’t know this at the time. I thought I was missing something important which I was and that was that my dad was altering my reality base. He thought it was fun but I was touched by it I’ll have you know for a long time or so. It was years before I could look at a picture of a duck and not wonder what the deal with that was. This is not a good thing to do to somebody.

One day I saw a mother duck crossing the road with five baby ducks. I had to stop and wait for them. I looked really hard at them to see if there was a difference between a duck or not. I could see a big one and some little ones but that was not a difference between a duck only between a bunch of them. Then it hit me like a bag of bricks. That duck couldn’t care less about my dad and probably didn’t even know about him anyway. This was an epistomy about this issue that changed my reality. And just so you know, I didn’t mean to run over that one baby duck at the end. It was an accident caused by that epistomy I had about my dad’s weird question.

So here’s is what I know about it. The answer to what’s the difference between a duck is so not one leg is both the same at all. That is a direct contraption. There is no answer to that question and I know it now for sure.


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