rx.jpg15 minutes ago I tried out some of the medicine that is supposed to make my kid feel like he didn’t have his knee operated on. I looked on the labels and found out that one kind of pills is called Vicodin and the other pills say morphine. I am a dad who takes his kid with a grain of salt and I wanted to see if the medicin he got would have bad side affecs, but sense I am older I took a bit moar than it said for him. The lable listd a bumch of things like not driving which I am not gong to do anyway. So hre and Im waiting form the medicine to kake affect and I still am oky whicm means I will problay can dr’iv my car anyway to no matter wat that littel green guy on the counter says. Thism is must nor gruthfulnes on admverytisng wmeh the medicne says to hemp you but it not dun anethg. I woucm have must gone to the bar and drumnk myself to havmogn to cold and atll. But them No cay I m’g tyour crive now2 since tI am belling fetter some to shingk of it. Im even king of feeling bood which I havemnt sicme this moring which it srill is actually.

Soo mrim hust telinng your to be aerfuly acvout raking neditcmen sansd drimnighking alsroycl. It cahn heop youbndr, that abt bntoy be q goodd egbg sr.bn.


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  1. Better living thru chemistry!

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