Things about a line


This is a line. You can tell because it’s not a circle or a check mark. It’s straight. People who don’t know anything about geography think that a line can be squiggly or any shape. But that just shows that they don’t know much about it. A line has to be straight or it’s not a line according to science which I support fully except in the case of religion which has its own rules for things. For example, a religious person could look at a line and say it is a car and you could not argue with them. They would just say you have to see the car by faith and that only atheists see a line because they don’t believe in religion. This is what you call a circle argument which is not a line as I have said already. This is why science and religion don’t mix. Science wants a line and religion wants a car or maybe a nice house. There is no use arguing. Besides I read someplace that Jesus turned water into wine which is like turning a line into a car except you can’t drink it. I hope you can now see where I’m coming from on this. I cannot be interrupted by religion so I will just look at the line as a line not a car. If you need a car, you can use faith on your own time.

Some people who think they know everything would say that a real line goes on forever so you need to put arrow things on each side of that line I drew up there. These know-it-alls would say that my line is only a line figment. But that is totally unrevelent and shows how out of touch with realism they are due to the fact that if I put arrow things on my line then I would have an arrow not a line. Anybody would look at it and say, hey that’s an arrow you drew. I don’t want to loose clarity on the situation by bowing to those know-it-alls. Personally I would rather be understood than be right.

There are some important things about a line. They are called postules which is fancy name for things you can say about a line because it’s a line. They are what you call self-eventual. I will have to use some technical ideas here but I will try to avoid concepts so as not overwhelm you with truth.

  1. A line is parallel to itself. This means it doesn’t cross itself for at least as far as we can see. What it does when we’re not looking is anybody’s guess.
  2. A line is hard to draw on a basketball. This is mostly due to lack of practice and if somebody is bouncing the basketball at the time. It could also be because of a bad marker too.
  3. A line has at least a gazillion points. We just don’t know what they are.
  4. A line is useful for underlining things. (For you know-it-alls nobody uses an arrow for underlining things which is an obvious rebuttle of your opinion.) You can also cross things out with lines too and not arrows.
  5. A line is something that doesn’t really exist except in your mind. It is a megaphysical concept which is why it’s on this great blog in the first place. A good way to remember this is to think about that line sort of rhymes with mind. Line, mind. They also sort of sound like time too, which is what Alfred Einstein said didn’t exist either except when you run out of it.
  6. A line should always be colored inside of. Little kids just scribble and break this rule mostly because they are kids. Adults who do this are doing modern art if they can make money at it. If they can’t they’re just sloppy.
  7. A line is needed for rulers to be used for. If there weren’t lines nobody would need a ruler at all and this would put lots of people out of jobs.

As you can see, a line is an important thing. There are even sayings that show this for example like “Get in line, bud” or “Every clod has a silver lining” or “Line line go away.” If there were no lines we would even have to close the DMV.

Since I think above my mind most of the time I am able to understand things that other people don’t even think of like lines. I have tons of other understandings like this too as you would already know if you have been following this great blog. I am thinking about writing about the importance of nothing for next time so you might want to get ready for it by concentrating on nothing until my next blog.


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