Dead Squirrel AGAIN!

Just across the little creek from my backyard is a tree. A long time ago my neighbor built a squirrel house and nailed it up on that tree. From my windows I can watch the squirrels jumping around and going inside that squirrel house. My neighbor also puts out squirrel food too so those squirrels don’t have to make their own food. It works out pretty good for them.

But yesterday I looked out and there on the roof of the squirrel house was a dead squirrel. It was on its side and not moving which for a squirrel is a sure sign of deadness. I could not believe it and it filled me with dread as they say. I stared out my window at that dead squirrel for a long time. I was wondering what my responsibility to that dead squirrel was. If you have been following this great blog you know that I have ideas about dead squirrels that came to me due to the fact of another dead squirrel in my backyard which I will not repeat myself about. For a while there I was afraid that the entire squirrel population was going to come against me and I had to take drastical action to show them that I liked squirrels.

So there I am looking out my window at another dead squirrel! What was I supposed to do about it I ask you? The tree is not even in my own yard. So what was I supposed to do? Get a ladder and risk my life to climb a limb to get that dead squirrel and give it respect? Or was I supposed to just watch that poor dead thing rot up there right in front of my eyes. I was wondering if it was a test on me to see if I really did learn my lesson the last time. Squirrels can do that I bet.

So anyway. This morning I looked out and that dead squirrel was GONE! I am not joking you about it I hope you know. I do not know what happened to it. Maybe it just fell down into the creek and washed away or maybe my neighbor did a respectable thing and buried it in a hole with a funeral or something (which I hope he did a lot). Maybe the birds came and attacked it and fed it to their babies (that would be way way bad). But maybe the other squirrels took it and put it in a secret squirrel grave yard like those elephant ones that you hear about. The squirrel graveyard would be smaller I would think but you never know. Squirrels have pretty big egos I think from the way they boss you around when you’re below their tree and can intimidate you if you had dumped a dead squirrel in your neighbor’s yard totally by inadversion.

So now I am in a mystery again about squirrels and don’t know what is going on about them. I sure hope they don’t hold me responsible for not getting that dead squirrel down and respecting it. Just to be safe I’m not going to go into my backyard for a couple of weeks, except those squirrels have long memories.


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