The Chicken Issue

I read this stupid blog which was making this big deal about the riddle that goes “Why was the chicken across the road?” This guy is talking like he’s some deep megaphysical thinker but I could see right through him for sure. There are lots of guys out there who want you to believe they are able to think above their minds like I do, but they are fakes if you want my opinion about it. This guy is the fakiest faker ever.

One of the ways you can tell is that fakers use lots of words so that you can’t even understand what they are talking about in the first place. Take this guy I’m talking about. He starts out by asking the simple riddle about the chicken and then lists a bunch of other people’s answers. This is a tell-tail sign that he probably doesn’t have anything to say about it for his own self and he is just doing what you call fluffing. He thinks that you will be fooled into thinking that he is saying something important when all he is doing is stealing, which is called pillaging in the writing business. But do you think I swallowed that book and sink? You bet I didn’t. It is a plain rain job if you ask me about it.

Anyway, as far as I could tell from my close noticing, this guy goes on to say that the question about the chicken across the road doesn’t even have an answer and that this proves that life is mixed up. What kind of thinking is that, I ask you? How can somebody take a riddle about a chicken across a road and come up with that? This is what you call a logical repairment. If you are like me you can spot this even before you see it. There is no way you can start with a chicken, add a road in between, and find out about life. Therefore I settled in my mind that this guy is a fake, a total fake. If you want to think above your mind even once you should ignore that blog like the plaque.

So I will deal with this question for people who want to have clearness. First of all anybody who even asks why there is a chicken across the road is probably pretty bored or has HDTV. Second, a chicken is stupid mostly. Even the chicken probably doesn’t know why it’s across the road, so why should anybody else think they know about it? Last, a chicken anywhere near a road is going to be dead pretty soon anyway, so why worry about it even one bit.

So I hope you see again why my blog is such a great blog. I am able to straighten out issues that make people think normally. This is why more people should read this blog and stay away from the fake guys like that one I was just talking about.


2 Responses

  1. Way to put a spin on it, Fred!

  2. Still a bit confused: If we see a chicken by the road, are we to help it across, or is that just Boy Scouts and little old ladies?

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