Memorial Day


It is Memorial Day. I know this because there are sales at all the stores. We are remembering that America is about buying things and this is what makes this great country greater than all the other countries in the world put together. This is why other countries hate us. Americans can just go and buy whatever we want and those other people can’t. They have to go to some lame outdoor market and argue about goats. We don’t have to do that. We just go to the air conditional mall and charge whatever we want, mostly not goats, but we could charge a goat if we wanted to. We could even have a choice of what kind of goat we wanted, like what color or if we wanted a luxury or compact goat, or a standard or automatic goat. Those other countries only have just plain dirty old goats that Americans would be embarrassed to have. Our goats are probably faster and more comfortable too, which is another thing they hate about us. When it comes to goats, America is probably the best in the world on that too.

So on this Memorial Day I am remembering that we are better than everybody else even if nobody wants to say it anymore out of fear of politeness. And also, I can buy a goat any time I want to, and especially on Memorial Day since they are probably 30% off.



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