If there is one thing I can’t figure out it is boringness. This is obviously a problem running through certain people due to the fact that they are bored because they don’t think there is anything to do. Not having anything to do ends up being boring if a person isn’t very active about it.

I never have a problem with being bored due to my megaphysical capilaries. But I don’t expect that everybody can have those like I do so I don’t look down on them for that. But I also have some suggestions for people who get bored a lot so they don’t have to be bored about it. I think they are very helpful to use.

One thing you can do is look to see if boringness is coming ahead of time. That way you can be prepared to deal with it. Say you are hammering ants and you know that you’re going to run out of ants pretty soon. Well, you start thinking about the fact that there’s going to be a last ant and maybe you should start looking for other things to hammer. Maybe glass or something. That way you are already ready for that possible bored time and so it won’t happen on you.

Another thing is to put things in your pocket to pull out in case of a boring slot that shows up. If your pockets are smallish you can maybe put a little tube of crazy glue in there and when that boring slot drops on you you can glue something together. It doesn’t matter what. I once glued my finger to my cheek and that took care of my boringness for three days or so. If I wasn’t trying to pull it off which hurt like crazy, I was explaining the whole thing to people which also staved away the boringness. By the time I tore my finger off my cheek I had forgotten all about the original boring slot that I erased by gluing in the first place. The scar on my face reminds me of how great a suggestion this is. If your pockets are biggish, you could load them with things like wire, GI Joe dolls, peanut butter, and stuff like that.

Another thing you can do when boringness sets in is yell. I don’t mean at people which is illegitable and could get you arrested. I mean just starting yelling in general about anything. There was this one time I was kid in Deering which is a really little town in North Dakota that my dad was born in and made me visit all the time due to the fact that he thought it was a great place which is totally wasn’t but I didn’t say anything out of not wanting to pop his bubble. Anyway, I was totally on the verge of boredness due to the fact that there was nothing to do. Well, do you think I gave into that? You bet I didn’t. I stood outside and yelled as loud as I could for about 15 minutes. It was pretty windy so nobody heard me anyway, but when I was done I lost my voice and my throat hurt so bad I took a nap. That was pretty much it.

Maybe the best thing you can do for boringness is to understand that it is just a statement of mind not a real thing. That is why two people can be in the same place and one of them is bored when the other person is attenuated to everything. The bored person can’t figure out why the other person isn’t having the same experiment that they are. The other person can’t understand what the bored person’s problem is. I know what it is.  The bored person is just deforested of imagination. The solution to that is to find something to do.

So if you are pronated toward boringness, take my suggestions and you will not fall into what they call lethargism, which is a morbid sin according to the Pope. Even he has issue with boringness I bet, especially between praying and communion services.


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