Street guys who think they are funny

Here is a picture of a street guy who thinks he is funny. He thinks that by being funny he will set himself apart from all those other street guys who are sad. This guy doesn’t want you to feel sorry for him. He wants you to think he is honest and clever and then give him money so he can do what he says on his sign. This is called marketing and is the big thing in this great country. The idea is that you want yourself to stand out from all the other lame people on the street who want money for free too. This guy thinks he’s got the secret of the American dream or something.

But he is only half right about that. The part he’s got right is the beer and drugs and hookers. except I don’t think he has a chance on the hooker part since no self-respecting hooker would be seen with this guy for some spare change. Anyway, but the big thing he is way wrong about is the BS part. He thinks nobody wants to be bull-pooped on. How stupid can you get? In this great country we want people to be bull-pooping. Bull poop is what marketing is all about. We do not expect people to be honest in this great country mostly due to the fact that nobody ever got anywhere by being honest. This is what makes this great country great and not some lame honest bum on the street. He may pick up a couple of bucks but he is letting down this country.

I say we need a law that keeps this kind of thing from happening on our American streets. I say no more funny street people. Street people are supposed to be felt sorry for and ignored which is what they were invented for. If you can’t feel sorry for them and ignore them then that takes away one of the best things about America which is feeling sorry for street people because you’re not one of them. If they can’t stand on the street and look sad like they’re supposed to then they should be sent to New Orleans like a lick in a bucket.

So next time I see some guy with a sign like that who wants to be funny I’m going to NOT ignore him. I am going to look right at him and make him feel guilty for letting down this great country. Then I’m going to ignore him after that. It will serve him right.


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