Wall Street Butt

Here is the for reals bull on Wall Street. It is the back end of that bull. Some people call the back end of the bull a bear. But that is way off. The back end of the Wall Street bull is not a bear. It is a butt. A bull butt. Everybody knows that it is a big bull butt not a bear. A bear has eyes and teeth. A bull butt has only buttness to it.

What is happening in the economy of this great country is that the bull that everybody seems to like is turning its butt on them. People think that the bull should never turn around, but that is not what the bull thinks for sure. I think it just decides that it wants to show its butt and that’s what it does. And you can argue with a bull butt all you want and it will only stay buttness. Butts can’t become something else like a big house or what you call those golden pair of shoes the big shots want. A butt is a butt, plain and simple.

Even though I am a megaphysical person, I have seen the bull butt and know that it is a butt, which is more than I can say for everybody else who is trying to take bazillions of dollars and turn the butt into a bull face again. That’s like a face lift for bull butts. But this will never work and you would know if you saw pictures of Zsa Zsa Gabor.

What those presidental guys and congress should know is that the bull butt is just what it is. No amount of money or promises can make it look like a face unless you want a butt face. That would be different and could be fun if everybody agreed to it. But that will never happen in my opinion. Like I said, a butt is a butt.

So this is my advice on the issue. Let’s just call the bull butt a bull butt and let that bull show it for a while. He will get tired of it and turn around again eventually and then we will have a bull again.

As far as the bear goes, he is probably back in the woods doing you know what.


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