Evolution or Creation


A lot of people are arguing about evolution and creation. This is one of those so-called problems that seems like one to people who don’t have megaphysical symptoms like me. I’m pretty tired of it to be honest about it. Mostly I think it’s because arguing is what people like to do more than knowing the reality and settling on the pot so to speak. Well I’ve decided to put my foot down on this issue and clear it up for anybody who wants to move on to the real problems like parallel parking or nuclear pontification.

First of all evolution is the idea that humans came from a tree. What a laugh. Supposedly some guy named Darwin discovered an island where he found these trees which he wrote about in a book Original Species. I’ve never read it but I think I might have seen the movie version a long time ago. Still, the idea of a human tree is picked up by the Wizard of Oz where those scary apple trees threw apples at the Scarecrow and Dorothy. This proves that the Scarecrow already had brains which most people don’t realize. Dorothy is mostly emotional. This is a very megaphysical movie that really puts evolution in its place by making fun of talking animals and robots and little people with a different culture. The point of the movie is that evolution and culture is not a real thing but only pretend. The witch was real but that was probably a mistake. Well, so much for evolution.


Other people believe in creation. Creation is the idea that the universe was made by an invisible super person on purpose. Some people want to just downright call that super person God and be done with it. Others don’t want to get God involved in it so they say the whole kaboodle popped into something from nothing as a freak of nature in a kind of accidental thing called the Bang. Other people say that maybe that invisible super person invented evolution in the first place so what’s the problem in the first place. But those people are caught between atheism and feudalism and good luck with that.

So here’s my thought based on a lot of external thinking. If you think of everything, there is nothing left over, right? So everything is just nothing that isn’t. That pretty much proves the logic of my system. This leads to the idea—well, it’s more of a concept really—that an invisible super person could be named Darwin if he wanted to call himself that and he sure could make a tree so scary that he couldn’t lift it if he wanted to too. So why are we even arguing over nutshells? Darwin is dead. The super person is invisible. And that pretty much settles it I think.


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