Old friends

My friends are getting old which is very weird. I look at them and they aren’t my age anymore but old instead. I pretend that they are the same age as me for their own sake which is what they probably believe anyway, but inside I’m saying to myself “Boy you are old buddy.” It’s something you have to keep to yourself since they can’t do anything about it except maybe get malox shots or a face lift.

I have this health club I go to to avoid ending up like them. But I watch all these really old people come to the club. Some of them can’t even hardly walk and use canes and walkers. I am not kidding even one bit. It is very weird to see these old people come to a club to keep from getting old which they already are. All I can say is what a scam for them.

The hardest part of having old friends is that they think you are like them in the old department. They even make jokes like you think getting old is funny which it’s not mostly. I can’t get into shuffle jokes or aches and pains jokes either. Leave that to the oldies I say. Not me.

I admit to having not as much hair as before and a lot of it is gray. But that’s not a problem with me since I am what you call a free spirit. Besides my hair gives me a sense of dignification and debonaireness most other people don’t have one bit. Beyond that I’m pretty much immunitated to oldness mostly due to the fact that I’m buff. But buffness isn’t what I think of when I think of my old friends who used to be the same age as me. They are now pretty floppy or wrinkly or creaky. But I’m not going to say that to their face because they can’t help it too much.

Still, I’m mostly tolerant of old people as long as they don’t smell like pee.



One Response

  1. Fred, I really must tell you that I’m not getting older or floppier. Maybe a little wrinkled and alot balder, but at least my beard is all grey. A yes, I still remember a night in 1976 where we walked into a police station and sang a song you wrote. Still remember the chorus.

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