Noticing Random Things

Sometimes weird things happen that you can’t figure out why for. These are called random which is another word for things that happen that you can’t figure out why for which I just said. There are a lot of random things going on all the time that nobody notices which makes it hard to talk about due to the fact that you don’t know about them. These are things you have to take by faith. I suppose that would include God except that Alfred Einstein said that God doesn’t play dice which is a random game. Maybe God plays cards or scrabble sometimes but I wouldn’t know. Besides, who would want to play with him? He could just make stuff up and you’d be stuck with it since whatever he says automatically is the rule. Take for instance as an example, if you were playing scrabble he could play something like GOEMBLN and get a bing because that would become a real word just as soon as he played it, kind of like “let there be GOEMBLN and there was GOEMBLN.” And you could never play poker with him since there is no way you could bluff him. You might as well throw up the chips as they say.

But these are megaphysical issues that experts like me think about so you don’t have to worry about it. The fact of my point here is that you have to have faith for God to stick around otherwise he’d be just one of those random things and where would that leave religion? The only reason to have a religion in the first place is to know where God is most of the time in case you need him. Without that you might as well stay home on Sunday and watch Andy Griffith.

Anyway, I don’t want to talk about things I can’t talk about like not noticed random things. Instead I want to tell you about a couple of random things that happened to me that show something about the way the universe is made up. The first thing was a few weeks ago when a part of my tooth just fell out. I didn’t even notice at the time (which is why I couldn’t talk about it then) but later I put my tongue back there and found a chunk of my tooth gone.

Okay that was the first one. The second random thing was when I was driving in the rain on this country road and came up on this car stalled by the side of the road. There was this old lady with a walker standing there all by herself in the rain by the car getting totally soaked. As I drove on by I thought how random that was and about what weird things you see just driving around. Later I wondered if anybody else drove by her and had the same thoughts about randomness as me. Probably not.

So that brings up how the universe is made up of random stuff like that. When enough random stuff happens at the same time we have what you call a trend and that trend is what we base our ideas on. I don’t know about you, but that seems kind of deep to me and I’m pretty much in agreement with myself on this one.


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