I am sort of like you sometimes maybe


Due to the fact that I think above my mind a lot, people sometimes don’t understand my course of being. They think that just because I have megaphysical ideas that I am not a reality. This is only mostly true.

But I have lots of things I do just like everybody else. For example take sleeping. I do that at night after I go to bed so as not to interrupt myself until morning. Being as I am a deep megaphysical thinker, even I need some time away from myself or I would always be on the job so to speak of. Sleeping works most of the time to solve this problem which is more of an issue actually. Unless I have a megaphysical dream which is sort of like having your vacation interrupted by your cell phone which I don’t have one. When that happens I end up having to explain the deepness of my dream to myself. But being as it’s the middle of the night I usually just ignore that dream and go back to sleep. Even somebody like me has limits on things. Anyway, when I wake up in the morning I stop sleeping. I cannot do both at the same time like some truck drivers can.

I also eat food. Since I am trying not to die early—mostly due to the fact that I’m not exactly sure what I would do with myself after that—I don’t eat junk food like most of you. You are pigging out and getting fat like that cute Chinese guy Bubba you see statutes of. But that’s about religion which I don’t talk about because I don’t want to make fundamentals madder at me than they are at me already. There is somebody in my house who I am not going to name who is into orgasmic food without chemicals in it. But I already talked about that before and don’t want to repeat myself once more again. Let’s just say that to keep the peace around here I eat healthier than is probably healthy for Americans to eat.

There are other things that I am kind of the same as you about too. I wear clothes except in the shower and have a car like everybody else in this great country. I also buy stuff I don’t need which is patriotic and helps stimulate me like the president says I’m supposed to. I don’t really need the government’s help to be stimulated for sure, but I am patriotic about this great country and will put up with senators and presidents because if they ever lost their jobs they wouldn’t be qualified to do anything else and would probably end up in their suits at street corners holding cardboard signs wanting beer and hookers. That would be rough on them since they most likely don’t have a lot of experience with beer.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that just because you expect me to be smarter than you doesn’t mean you should be unreasonable about it.


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