Song lyrics I don’t have songs for

lyricsI am a very multifactional person. One of the things I do is write lyrics to songs that aren’t even invented yet. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with a lyrical thought in my mind and I write it down. I have a bunch of those. I don’t have time to write the songs for them so I decided to just list my top ten lyrics I have written so you can read them for yourself. I thought I would do them like that David Letterberg does his starting with number 10 first and working my way to 1.

10. “Please, don’t keep that on the floor where I can see it.”

9. “You don’t care about water softeners which just goes to show.”

8. “O girl, take my heart and leave me the gizzard.” (Country song)

7. “What kind of tool is this?”

6. “Chee chick a cham cham chuck” (Background to a do wop song)

5. “Mmmmmm.  That’s really expensive.  Hmmm.  Mmmm”

4. “Death everywhere!  Die!  Die!  But hold me again.”

3. “I’m on steroids but you wouldn’t know it.”

2. (Instrumental)

1. “Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby—I’ve got the Pergonal blues.”

Well, if you have songs that go with any of these feel free to go for it. Except I want money for it.


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