Hugh Hefner

I am a pretty culturated guy if you want to know about it. Most people think of me as mostly megaphysical. But just because I think above my mind a lot doesn’t mean I don’t know where it’s coming from so to speak. I’m pretty hip to the jib when I want to be. I’m not just what I’m cracked up to be I’ll have you know.

Which brings up Hugh Hefner. He’s the boss of Playboy, the magazine with pictures of naked women in it. I only know this from theory since they put shrink wrap on the men’s magazines in the stores now which makes it almost impossible to keep abreast of that industry. And do you think I would actually buy one of those magazines? You bet not. Not even for research reasons. I am so not going to take one of those magazines to the checkout counter, especially if there’s a lady checker. There’s no way I could explain my megaphysical purposes to her. She would just think I was interested in the pictures of naked ladies not my higher thinking. And if it was a guy checker you can just forget it. Most guys don’t believe anything megaphysical about naked girls so I’d be barking down the wrong alley for sure. And the shrink wrap is so tight that you can’t even peek inside one bit. It’s a loose loose situation.

But what’s the deal with Hugh Hefner? He’s got to be one of the ugliest guys on the planet. So how does he get to hang out with all those babes? He’s old now too but he still has babes lined up to marry him. This is a lot of activity for an old guy to keep up with. I read where he has a hundred years worth of Niagra but this is probably a stretch to his system. But even if he does have a stock pile, this is not a natural way to be old. Besides, Niagra cannot help his ugliness. There is no such thing as face enhancer that I know of unless you count Toxin which is more like helium for your face. And let’s just face the fact of the point: Hugh Hefner is totally ugly even for an old guy.

This just goes to show that not everything can be explained by explanations. Which is one big reason I spend a lot of the time above my mind.


3 Responses

  1. I think the women look at Hef as more of a “golden goose” and a door to their careers…its amazing how good a woman can look when you havent eaten in three or four days and she’s cookin you a meal! The ugliest woman can become Charlize Theron

  2. I don’t know if Hugh Heifer will pass through the eye of a needle test when his time comes. Especially if he’s been using Niagara. But I don’t know about these things.

  3. I guess I’ve never thought to actually look at Hugh to notice he’s that ugly …. don’t know why I just haven’t …. perhaps you could post a picture of him.

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