Minot Flood Irony

This whole Minot flood thing which I have been talking about and you would know if you have been reading this great blog makes a person think about things. Being as I am a megaphysical professional I think a lot anyway but a flood can make you think a little extra when you’ve got the time which I have sometimes on my time off from regular thinking.

Anyway, a flood can make you think about stuff like illegal migration of water from Canada or mud or even nice things like a rainbow. Which brings up something very ironical that I forgot to mention before. A couple of days after that Canadian water went over the dikes and flooded Minot there was a thunderstorm that poured more water on Minot. This would have made me feel better about peeing in the river except for the fact that I peed before the Mouse River flooded and the thunderstorm came after which makes a big difference in the flood culpability department.

Anyway, after that thunderstorm passed over flooded Minot the sun poked through and suddenly there was a huge rainbow over the flooded valley which I noticed for sure. There it was hanging in the sky like a sign from God or Walmart. Well, do you think the irony of that situation missed me? You bet it didn’t. It jarred me right out of my unmegaphyicalitiness of moving furniture into my normal thinking above my mind.

Right there and then I remembered the story of Noah from Wikipedia which says that after God flooded the world he put a rainbow in the sky to promise he wouldn’t do that again. I don’t mean to be irrespectful of religion, but God flooding the world is kind of like when I peed in the river sort of, at least in an illiteral way. This is what happens when you stop being megaphysical even for a minute which would be an even bigger mistake for God than for me since he’s 100% megaphysical in the first place which would explain the Noah flood for sure, but most theologists probably wouldn’t pick up on that.

Anyway, when I saw that rainbow over Minot I thought how ironical it was that a rainbow would show up over Minot after it was flooded. Was God being sarcastic? I can’t answer that question since it is about theology and you already know that I won’t be interrupted by religion on this great blog. But even if it was only nature and not God it would still be ironical since nature can be pretty sarcastic too if you want my opinion on it. Take celery for instance.

But you better know that I didn’t say any of this out loud to anybody in Minot. I thought about this only to myself within my mind due to the fact that pointing out the ironicalness of the situation to somebody whose house is totally under water would probably go over like a lead brick. Or maybe a sandbag, but don’t quote me on that.


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