10 Things I Learned from the Minot Flood

As you would know if you’ve been following along on this great blog, I was back in Minot, North Dakota to visit a flood. It has become a famous flood now due to the fact that all the big news companies promoted it on TV. But I am proud to say that I knew about that flood before it became all famous when it was still just a Minot flood and not all blown up by the media. People in North Dakota don’t usually go in for hypy things like that and like to keep their floods to themselves mostly.

I am not going to go through all the things I did in Minot due to the fact that I already told about a lot of it before so I’m not going to repeat myself about it again once more. But now that I’m back in Oregon far away from that Mouse River, I have moved back into megaphysicality again and am thinking above my mind like usual. So I have perspectivized the whole experience and come up with some important lessons that I learned from the Minot flood which most people most likely wouldn’t have come up with. But you can’t hold this against them since most people don’t think above their mind like me.

Anyway, like I just said, here is a list of things I learned from the Minot Flood:

  1. Even if you really have to go bad, don’t pee in a river that ends up flooding a town or you will have guilt about it.
  2. Make sure everybody knows what you mean when you say Minot is full of dikes.
  3. When you come to a road block, stop before you bump the National Guard guy.
  4. Don’t pull the sewer drain plug just to see what happens.
  5. If you are helping people load a big truck with heavy furniture, don’t expect them to unload it so you can look for your car keys.
  6. Some people don’t appreciate a good flood joke.
  7. Mud is worse than dirt but not as bad as floating dog poop.
  8. Dump truck drivers are lousy parkers.
  9. Never mention that to a dump truck driver.
  10. Sometimes the shortest distance between two points is a 75-mile detour.

One Response

  1. I just stumbled on your blog when I was googling the little town where I live. I think you’ve heard of it, Deering ND. I’ve only been here a little over a year but I have to say your blog is spot on about ND! Your post are so funny. I’m going to come back and read more soon!

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