3 minutes


There’s not much you can do in 3 minutes if you aren’t ready for it.  You can’t write a book or paint the house or even save the world.  I hear you can cook an egg but that’s about it. Mostly you have to watch those 3 minutes go by and think that you’ll never get them back again.  This can happen over and over again until you notice that maybe 20 years has gone by 3 minutes at a time and you wonder what happened and there you are standing there with 20 years less than you started with and nothing to show for it except maybe some expired pizza coupons.  This is called maturity which is when you realize that you most likely blew it.


2 Responses

  1. Thank goodness it only took a minute to read that because I’ve still got two minutes to make something of myself.

  2. I have that thought every time I watch part of an Adam Sandler movie…

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