Christmas in July

I went to the store today to get some deodorant. I usually pick out the cheapest kind since I figure why throw away good money on something I’m just going to put on my armpits anyway. And I don’t use the antisweat ones by the way due to the fact that it seems unnatural to clog up armpits for the sake of dryness when armpits are supposed to sweat. This is a matter of principle which is against unnaturalness in general.

Which brings up something which is the height of unnaturalness in my opinion. When I went in the store I saw this huge sign that said “Christmas in July.” Then I noticed other signs like that all over the store. I just about forgot about buying my deodorant except that I was reminded by my armpits which were a little bit ripe for having not had deodorant on them for a few days due to the fact that I ran out.

But I was still shocked that the store would try to make me buy stuff by moving Christmas to July. This is a direct violation of the constitution which established Christmas from Halloween until December 25. You cannot take Christmas away from then to put it where you want to just so you can get people to buy stuff they don’t need or want. Christmas should not be hijacked for consumer porpoises except during the months listed in the constitution.

Well, I grabbed my deodorant (I found one called “Stinkerator” for 98 cents) and headed out the door without buying one other thing except for this manicure set for $3.99 which I don’t need myself due to the fact that I bite my fingernails to save money, but I will save it to give to my wife on her anniversary. But even though I didn’t allow that store to force me into the Christmas spirit, it got me thinking about Christmas anyway. So I’ve decided to talk about Christmas in July which is not the same thing as having Christmas in July which you would know on your own if you have been learning megaphysical things from this great blog.

Anyway, my next few blogs will be about the constitutional Christmas. You will be reading them in July but don’t get confused. I do not support the right to choose when you have Christmas.


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