Dangling rubber thing issue

A few days ago I noticed something hanging underneath the front bumper of my car. It was dangling actually. Hanging and dangling are not the same thing and I am not going to  pretend that they are. Anyway, this is not normal on my car which is why I noticed it in the first place. Normally there isn’t something dangling under my front bumper unless you count that baby duck which was a total accident and not my fault exactly. That wasn’t for sure normal either, but I have already talked about that which you would know if you have been reading this great blog and so I am not going to repeat myself again for the sake of people who aren’t paying attention.  Anyway, my point is that this is usually how you notice something due to the fact that it is not normal which I did as already just told you. Here is a picture to show you what I am talking about.

For a few days I just looked that dangling rubber thing under my bumper. Then I tried to stick it back up but it wouldn’t stay stuck up there. So I tried to ignore it but that was hard since I’d already noticed it and it’s really hard to undo noticing once you’ve done it. Some people are pretty good at it I think like politicians and people with messy houses. But being a megaphysical person, it is almost impossible to ignore something you notice except for maybe things that need fixing around the house which I can unnotice most of the time. This is a feat but my wife doesn’t seem to be all that impressed.

So as I said, I tried to ignore that dangling rubber thing as much as possible under the circumstances. Well, under the bumper really, but this is a language issue which I am currently not writing about at this time. But I would always be thinking about that rubber thing dangling under my bumper when I was driving which made driving not as free as it usually is. It was a nagging feeling about that dangling I didn’t like which made ignoring it pretty much impossible. Besides, my family would always mention it like by saying “Hey, did you notice that thing dangling under there?” and I’d have to say “yes” over and over which totally killed the ignoring attempt for that day.

Well, yesterday when I was driving I noticed that one of my headlights was out so I took the opportunity to drive that car into the Honda dealer to get a headlight for it. Now don’t go telling me that I could go to a cheap place and buy one for cheaper. I know this already and normally would do that due to the fact that I am pretty cheap most of the time as my wife will tell you pretty rapid. But I figured I’d drive to the Honda place and ask them about that dangly rubber thing and maybe they’d say, “Hey, that’s easy to fix” and then do it for free since I was spending too much money for a headlight there anyway.

But do you think that’s what happened? You bet it isn’t. I took it in there and show the Honda guy that dangling rubber thing and asked how it could be undangled. And he said back to me “Those things have no practical value at all. Our guys usually just pull them off.” That is a quote. I paid for that too expensive headlight and drove straight home thinking about what he said. So, it turns out that I had been distracted by a rubber dangling thing that has no practical value at all?

Well, that instantly turned the whole thing into a megaphysical contraption and I have been wondering about it since yesterday. Why would they put something on a car that had no practical value in the first place? It is not even something you can look at really so it’s not for looks. That rubber thing is under the bumper in a place nobody would even bend down to look at if it wasn’t dangling where it isn’t supposed to be. Who would think to get on their knees and look under a bumper just to admire the view? Nobody normal I’m telling you. It was only when it was dangling that it was an issue at all.

Anyway, when I got home I pulled that rubber thing right off like nobody’s business and threw it direct into the garbage can. Now everything is back to normal and you don’t even notice that it isn’t there. And not noticing what’s not there is a sign of megaphysicality as much as anything else. The only thing is that I scraped my knuckles on the pavement when I pulled it off and now I have to wear a bandage due to the fact of that. So even though that dangling rubber thing had no practical value I am still scarred by it. I’m sure this has some deep meaning but I’m not going to worry about it. But this is for sure going to change my opinion on the subject, let me tell you.


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  1. Scarred by something with no practical value hmm.

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