To start off I would like to point out my creative title with the big O in it. This shows that I can be creative too and not just megaphysical. Some people are creative but are not megaphysical even one bit and other people except not very many might be able to be megaphysical sometimes but they can’t be creative even one bit. This is called a split personality and affects half of everybody and maybe even more than that. I am what you call a rare exception due to the fact that I can think above my mind at the same time as doing something else like being creative.

But I am not limited to creativeness. I can think above my mind and do other things too like brush my teeth or do laundry or even clean up dog poop in my yard. You probably wouldn’t call those creative things unless you saw how I deal with the dog poop. That dog poop is from my neighbor’s dog not mine which I don’t have one of. So I get a shovel and scoop up that dog poop and when my neighbor isn’t looking I throw that dog poop on his yard and disappear real quick. I should mention that this is no way the same as dumping a dead squirrel in my neighbor’s yard which I know about for sure from experience. There is no way I would treat a dead squirrel without respect as you should know, but a dog poop and a dead squirrel are not even close to being the same issue. That’s like apples to oatmeal. The point of the manner is that I can throw dog poop in my neighbor’s yard and think above my mind at the same time. This is a big feet and is not something a normal person could do without messing up on either the megaphysical or the poop part.

Which brings up holes. There are holes everywhere but most people don’t notice them for what they are which is round pieces of nothing. This is totally weird. How can a person have a piece of nothing in the first place? It’s impossible for sure. But there you have a hole and that’s exactly what that hole is. You can even see that piece of nothing even though it is totally not there. Some people would call this an optical intrusion but I am in complete disagreement. With a hole you definitely see something and what you see is a hole and a hole is what’s not there. If there was something there it wouldn’t be a hole.

Take a donut as an example for instance. It is only a donut due to the fact that there’s a part of that donut that isn’t there. The not donut part is what makes the donut part a donut. If the not donut wasn’t there then you wouldn’t have a donut but maybe a long john except round instead of squarish which would make it not a long john exactly because if you poke a hole in a long john you don’t really end up with a donut but just a long john with a hole poked though it. (This is good to remember if some sleazy donut salesman tries to pawn off a long john with a hole in it on you because they don’t have any more donuts.) But the hole in the long john is still a piece of not long john which proves my point anyway. But I’d still be careful at the donut shop just in case.

So a hole is a definite piece of nothing. This is a conniption of terms that is what you call a paradox. This is megaphysical and can only be erased by thinking above your mind where there is a lot of erasing going on of that sort. When I put stuff up there above my mind I keep it up there until it’s not a paradox anymore but erased. What’s left is what philosophers call ideas and with a little polishing those ideas can become concepts. But just like the poop thing, this is probably best left to professionals like me.


2 Responses

  1. I wonder what dog poop would become if it was polished like one of your ideas…………

  2. Lol the part of the donut which actually isnt anything at all is what makes a donut whole. Simply put it takes nothing to make something complete and give it it’s identity and without that nothing it wouldnt be able to be called anything at least by the term we know=donuts

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