Thinking above my mind, Part 1

If you have been following this great blog, you will know that I am more megaphysical than the normal person. The main thing that makes me megaphysical is that I can think above my mind where I keep most of my ideas and even some concepts. This is why most people think this is such a great blog due to the fact of that. Some Canadians don’t like this blog but that is what you call an accupuntural hazard which comes with the job. Being as I am a professional at this, I except the fact that some people are pretty much stuck in their mind and can’t depreciate my out-front megaphysicality. But like they say, Okay Sarah Sarah.

Socrates was a Greek philosopher who lived in Greece back in the classic era. This was a time before eras became as common as they are now. That’s why there’s only one classic time. Now we mass produce eras at a very fast rate. This is good since they are cheaper now, but pretty much everybody thinks the era quality has gone way down these days. I’m in agreement with myself on this too. Anyway, Socrates made up a saying that goes like this: “The unexamined life is not worth paying for.” This is exactly the kind of thing somebody who lived in the classic time would say. Now days hardly anybody can say stuff like that and be taken serious, let alone get paid for it. This is also why many of the old sayings don’t work anymore. Take the saying “a bird handed to you is bushed.” Today who would even care? You bet nobody would.

Well, I was thinking about my thinking and thought that it would be good to try to explain the process of thinking above my mind. This doesn’t mean that you will be able to do it but that you will appreciate the really deep megaphysicality of this blog more due to the fact that you can see how I get up above my mind in the first place and what I do up there while I’m up there. After all, I’m the only person who’s been up there as far as I know, though I have found some things above my mind that I don’t remember putting there so I’m not going to be canonical about it.

Since this is a conflated issue, I am going to divide up my excretion into parts. My next blog will be the first part (part 2) and after that the second part (part 3) will come. I thought of turning that around but decided that it would be more confusing than it already is since most people have to think in order. Lots of people seem to need logic to think so I will defame to that for their sake. I may have a third part (part 4) too but this is only a conjuncture at this point. But if I do I will put it at the end for the same reason I said before and so I won’t repeat myself again about it. But if you need to be reminded just go back and read it again.

Anyway, my next blog will talk about the difference between a brain and a mind, which I would tell about now except for the fact that this part is still part one. Talking about it here would make me have to skip the first part (part 2) and jump right into the second part (part 3) which would totally miss the point of having numbered parts in the first place which I am for sure going to.

Read Thinking Above My Mind Part 2



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  1. Now we mass produce eras at a very fast rate.


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