Thinking above my mind, Part 2

This is part 2 of my extirpation about thinking above my mind. Part 2 of it means that there was a part about it before this part which explains about why this part is this part. If you missed the part before this you probably should click HERE to go back to it so you can read why this part got to be part 2 in the first place. As a general rule, a part 2 depends on a part one. If there isn’t a part one then part 2 is actually part one even if it is called part 2 and any part after that is part 2 no matter what number it has on it. I say this in the interests of exposure so that you don’t start this blog on the wrong leg right at the beginning. I would hate to have somebody think they’ve understood this part only to find out that it wasn’t the part they thought it was which would be a total waste of understanding.

Anyway, in this part I am going to talk about the difference between a brain and a mind. Some scientists think that a brain and a mind are the same thing but they are thinking like scientists which is where they get off track from the Gitmo. The problem is that scientists deal only with reality and this limits them when it comes to real life which is way more than reality by at least 20%. Of course, those scientists secretly know this but they aren’t allowed to admit it during working hours due to the fact that they are under contraction. But once they punch out for the day they are free to live life without obstication toward reality. It’s a nice balance if you ask me.

Since I am megaphysical and not a scientist, I can point to the bank and say cataclysmicly that  the brain and mind are two different things—and maybe even three or four depending your counting system, but I’m going to stick to two so as to not look like I’m showing off. Besides, Oscar’s Razor theory says that you should always go for the most simple answer even if it’s totally wrong. The Middle Aged theologists used this theory to get God narrowed down to three people, but then the plague came and killed just about everybody and they never got back to work on it. The Muslins didn’t live where the plague was and so they kept on working until they finally got God narrowed down to one person. But it wasn’t until the modern world that some really smart theologists finally narrowed God down to none. I think this could have had something to do with the invention of alarm clocks but I haven’t checked Wikipedia on that. Well, that pretty much did it for those guys and they had to resign from being theologists since there wasn’t anything left for them to reduce so they invented a new job called atheism which is kind of like a cross between theology and comedy.

Anyway, as I was saying before I interrupted myself with information, the brain is different from the mind and here is how. The brain is made of matter which is a technical word for stuff. It sits in your head and takes up space. This is true whether it gets used or not. If you open your head you will see your brain sitting in there, but you will probably have to use a mirror to do that.

But if you look at your brain (remember the mirror) you will not see your mind there. Your mind is not made of stuff but it is something else. Nobody really knows what that is but it is definitely not stuff. And because it’s not stuff, the mind doesn’t take up space at all. In fact, nobody really knows where the mind is at all, even those people who have a mind. And here is the really weird thing. You can’t have a mind without a brain, but you can have a brain without a mind. Some people have even lost their minds, but it is just about impossible to lose your brain. There is a story about Alfred Einstein losing his brain and somebody hiding it in a jar, but even if that’s true, Einstein is dead so he probably doesn’t mind. (This is an example of megaphysical humor that I threw in here for variety.) But my point of the manner is that a brain is physical and a mind is not.

The mind is where you keep important stuff like your identity, memories, and imaginational items. For most people this is good enough and they are satisfied with just having a brain and a mind and just getting on with it. But being megaphysical, I am not satisfied with my mind and have figured out how to go above it. In my next part I will talk about how I get above my mind and tell you about some of the cool discoveries that I found up there. Then you will mostly likely appreciate this great blog even more due to the fact of it.

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