Thinking above my mind, Part 3

If you have been following this great blog you will know that this is the second part (part 3) of my exterpation about thinking above my mind which is a rare thing these days. Most people are satisfied just using their mind for thinking as God intended but that is too limiting for me due to the fact that I am way more megaphysical than a normal person. This is both a blessing and a corpse. It’s nice to not be attached to your mind like other people but this skill isn’t always depreciated like it should be. Some people actually resent it, which most Canadians do if you want to know the truth of it. But as Jesus once said, “If you can’t welcome a profit in your hometown, go into all the world.” (Jesus can be revelent when he’s not being religious.) But I think this is pure envy about me having more space than the average person so I don’t stoop even to mention it.

Last time (part 2) I talked about the difference between a brain and a mind. It is a predestination of what I’m going to talk about now so if you haven’t read it yet, click HERE to read it first and then come back to this part. Otherwise you’re defecating the whole point of having parts in the first place. Besides, if you read this part first you’re forcing the other parts into a different part number which will upset the megaphysical apple cards so to speak. But if you have been following along on this great blog you can feel free to read the rest of this without sutures.

Like I said, last time I excreted the difference between a brain and a mind. Now I want to talk about how I think above my mind and what happens up there when I get there. One thing I want to make point black is that thinking above my mind is definitely not like meditation. As I wrote about it HERE, I tried that once and it was pretty much a total bust (so you don’t have to go back and read about that since it’s not an official part of this). Meditation is not megaphysical even one bit which is why those weirdo India guys can even pull it off. All it takes to meditate is scrunching your legs like a pretzel and chalk. Not only that, those meditation grues all talk like they’re on drugs or something and what’s the point of that? It’s a crock in my opinion of it.

Anyway, in order to think above my mind I usually start with my mind. This is important due to the fact that if you’re going to think above something you need to start with what you’re going to think above. Without something that can be below there is no above to get to and that would pretty much put the kabob on the whole thing before you started. So like I said I start with my mind and work up from there. Once I’m in my mind I usually take a couple minutes to get used to it. The megaphysical thing about this is that there isn’t actually an above your mind before you get there. You have to get there so that there is an above for you to get to. Unless you are a professional like me, I wouldn’t try it. You will most likely end up meditating which is a sure sign that you took a wrong turn somewhere.

It is hard to describe what being above my mind is like. It’s not really like anything. Jesus had the same problem except it was religious. He used parabolas to compare God to things like mustard and goats but that went over like a lead duck and they killed him for loitering God. But since I’m not poaching on religion, I will try a parabola of my own. Here it is:

Thinking above my mind is like a man who goes into town and finds the stores closed due to a natural disaster of some kind, say a tornado or natural gas explosion. At first the man is disappointed due to the fact that he had some coupons that expired that day. But then he notices a little child standing alone next to a dead cat (not a squirrel). He goes up to the child and asks what happened to the cat. The child says that it’s not his cat and runs away leaving the man next to the dead cat. Suddenly it starts raining really hard and the man gets totally soaked, but just before he heads back home somebody throws a book at him. It hits him on the right shoulder—well, actually on the left shoulder. It hurts like crazy. The book falls on the dead cat. The man picks up the book, brushes off the wet fur, and looks at it. It is Gone With the Wind in Japanese. He takes it as a sign.

So that’s pretty much as good as I can explain it.

Start Over With Part 1 Because You Don’t Get It



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  1. This is interesting. Megaphysical hmm intriging i like the way you think.

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