North Dakota State Fair

Since I pretty much gave up on finding my parents, I decided to go to the North Dakota State Fair which is in the town of Minot. The slogan for this town is “Why not Minot?” Which is a pretty open ended question if you ask me about it. I guess they use it because it rhymes even though it doesn’t really make a lot of sense overall. It’s kind of like “Why pork New York?” or “Why go to Chicago?” or something like that.

Anyway I decided to go to the fair because I figured that’s where all the action would be.  It was an interesting experience let me tell you. Once I found a place to park in this big dusty field I had to walk right next to the dirt car racing track where they were having a car race. It was dusty there and a couple of cars slid off the track right by me and got me plastered with dust. I thought to myself that this was not exactly a welcoming thing for a person who couldn’t find his parents anywhere in North Dakota. But it got worse.

Once I found the back alley to where the rides were, I ended up in the midway. As I walked between two of those throw a ball at a basket booths some guy fell off a bench right on me. He was so drunk he couldn’t even stand and he spilled his can of beer all over the place. So from the ground he says in this super drunk voice “I’m okay” like I cared. So I went to the security booth to report him, but the security guy seemed a little tipsy too. I thought to myself that this was not going really well so far.

I always hate the midway since I grew up from a kid who liked them. I always think how depressing all those carney guys look who are standing bored in front of those booths where people spend money to win some dumb stuffed animal that’s not even worth a buck. And then by the rides those guys are like wasted most of the time and burnt to crispy from standing all day in the sun. It’s like being in one of those concentration camps pictures except with cotton candy stands.

So anyway, I wandered around there for a while since I didn’t exactly have anyplace else to go and went to the mini donut stand just to window shop since I couldn’t afford a bag of them for like 20 bucks. I thought I saw my parents for a moment but when I called out to them they hurried into the crowd so I’m pretty sure they couldn’t have been my parents.

When it got dark I decided to leave but stopped by a food stand run by a Lutheran church since I heard Lutherans have green jello with marshmallows but all they had was something called a Reformation Burger for 20 bucks each.


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