The Giant Cow thing

I am in North Dakota which you would know if you have been following this great blog. I have decided that North Dakota is the most megaphysical state in America. Nobody even comes close to it, not even Wyoming which is about as North Dakota as a state can be and not be it except Wyoming tries to be more cowboyish to get people to go there. I have driven through Wyoming lots of times and was totally not impressed even though they put in some mountains to compete with Colorado. Nice try I say.

Which brings up the issue of that giant cow I saw in North Dakota and talked about on this great blog. I admit that it was a big cow and something a person might be interested in. But I can’t believe how many people I don’t even know wanted to read about it. This is not a problem mostly, except I didn’t think that cow was as big a deal as some obviously do. I saw the cow and then went on with life.

Most of the time I leave people alone to have their own issues and not tell them what issues they should have even though I know. This is because I am not worried about what other people think, except for socks, which is is another story I don’t want to go into now. But I want to tell all you giant cow people to get over it. Life is filled with things that are not giant cows and some of them are even worth it. But how would a person fixilated on a giant cow that I saw even figure that out?

For example, in North Dakota I saw a giant turtle, but do you think I was addicted to telling you about it? You bet I wasn’t. Not even one bit. I figured one giant animal statue was enough. But this giant turtle named Tommy is weirder because he’s driving a huge snowmobile and even wearing a helmet for safety. Since I was in North Dakota in the summer there was no snow and it looked even weirder than normal weirdness. Somebody thought it would be cool to make that statue and put it there for everybody to see, just like the giant cow guy. But a cow is one thing and a turtle on a snowmobile is another if you want my opinion on it. The turtle guy is fuzzier in himself. Besides, the cow is megaphysical. The giant turtle is not even close to megaphysical, unless you are into turtles to begin with. But putting it on a snowmobile is like mixing apples and PCs. They just don’t go together.

Anyway, as for the giant cow, it’s time to move on in life and this great blog will do that. North Dakota is in the past and I am not that hip on the past as you would know if you had read this one thing I wrote before. You newcomers and giant cow addicts might want to read it.

So I am going to leave North Dakota and go back to Oregon but I will write one more blog about it so you have a sense of exposure on this trip.


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