Speaking as a person, my best thing I like to do is read. There are good reasons for this due to the fact that hardly anything doesn’t have at least one reason unless you’re talking about randomism which by the way I already have so won’t repeat myself on it just because you weren’t paying attention the first time around. This is a rule with me which I have already also mentioned a few times but saying the rule again isn’t the same as saying something else again which would break the rule you repeated in the first place. This is called a rule of thumbs which is a rule that is self-absorbent and doesn’t need a reason to be a reason. That dead German guy Manuel Kant said these rules were a priority but I think they’re more optional.

Anyway, when you are a megaphysical professional like me, reading is important and even an obstigation. First off, reading is a good way of finding out what other people are getting wrong. As you probably know by now, I’m really good at thinking above my mind. This is not something most of the people who write books do. Book writers are trying to look smart. This is definitely not something I am hung up on. For one thing, smartness depends on what you know. That is too big a limitation for me. The whole point of being megaphysical is to go above smartness into what this one Middle Age person called the fog of unknowingness. They said that knowing things is more of a problem than a help. I totally agree with this mostly, except when it comes to losing your keys. But since they didn’t have cars in middle earth times I’m not going to hold this against them.

Reading is also a way to learn new words. This is really important when you are a cut edge writer like me. I don’t like using used words that other people have used before if I can help it. Of course I know that you have to use some of them over again so that you can get people to the new words you have. For example, take gazump for instance. I have had that new word for a long time but there’s been no place to use it. So it gets put with all the other new words I can’t use which is in my mind where I store all my memories of things. So when I’m thinking above my mind and I need a new word I just stoop down and grab it from my mind. This is a great system except when it’s too low of a reach. Then I just use words that I brought above my mind with me even if they have been used before. I have to admit that sometimes I recycle words out of laziness. I am not happy about that but when you think far above your mind you deal with it as accupuntual hazard.

I also admit that I am not a movie fan even one bit. I’ve tried using Netflex but I usually get bored after a couple of minutes. I did watch all of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan but the sound didn’t work so I just made up the words in my mind as they went along. It was most likely better than what they had put in except I ran out of words about half way though which made the rest of the movie kind of lag. But I kept watching anyway mostly out of respect for Spock who’s been through a lot.

I have a bunch of books in my office. I had lots more but I ran out of room and so I had to take them to the used book store where they buy used words for a living. I am not proud of taking advantage of them like that but they probably have lower standards than me, and though I’m above my mind a lot I’m not above making a couple of bucks. That’s what makes this such a great country.

Anyway, here is a video I made a while ago about reading which is kind of ironical if you ask me.


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