I heard that some money company called Standardized Poor has lowered the grade of this great country due to the fact that it can’t pay it’s bills. It gave America a AA+ grade instead of an AAA grade. So that is the fact of it and now the economical experts are all freaked out about it.

I say big deal. Nobody in this great country can pay their bills. But that doesn’t stop us from having the best country in the world anyway. Since we already have all the stuff that’s worth having, why bother about paying for it? And besides of that fact, who is America supposed to pay its bills to anyway? Nobody, that’s for sure who. America is built on the foundation of owning everything and this is from God who also just happens to be an American when he converted from Jewism back in Roman times. Thomas Jefferson knew this for sure and snapped up the Louisville Purchase like nobody’s business. That turned out pretty good except for New Orleans which he should have sold off to the Russians right away or maybe the Mexicans but they would most likely have been too smart to fall for that one so we got stuck with that town smack in the butt.

Speaking as a person, I can’t pay my bills either. But does that keep me from buying more stuff? You bet no way. I buy lots of stuff I don’t need that I can’t pay for just to prove to the rest of the world that America is the greatest in the world. Half the fun of buying junk is not being able to pay for it and also that other countries don’t even have that junk to not be able to pay for. Those countries are totally jealous of us and they know it. They try to be like us but they can’t pull it off. All they end up with is sports like soccer or hockey. How lame is that I ask you.

And who is this Standardized Poor company anyway to lower America’s grade? Who made them the graders? No me, that’s for sure. They are just like those schools who change the grade so that they look like they’re teaching kids when the fact of the manner is that kids are way dumber now than when I was a kid. That is why I am against teacher unions totally due to the fact that they are not about education but about dues. You can argue with me if you want, but I am unanimous about the issue.

And what does AA+ mean anyway? Is that more than a 100%? Did America get some extra credit? (Ha! What a great joke on the issue which goes to show that I can be humored at the same time as serious.) Anway, AA+ grade is already two times as many A’s as a person gets when they get an A+ in the first place. So la dee da on them.

So this is what I say to those Standardized Poor dweebs who lowered the grade of this great country, I say that America is so great we can do whatever we want and not pay anybody and blow up who we want due to the fact that we’re totally way better than anybody other country, even if you subtract for New Orleans.

Anyway, I am not worried about some stupid grade when we still have tons of Walmarts and Costcos and Starbucks and bombs.


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