Pressure washing

For about five days I have been pressure washing my house off. This would be a pain even if my house wasn’t super tall but it is.

My siding is made of plastic stuff that supposedly doesn’t need to be painted ever. But it gets really dirty and I have to wash it off which is just as bad as painting in my opinion. So I had to borrow a pressure washer from my friend and climb up a tall ladder to reach the heights of my tall house. This is no potluck let me tell you, bub. First you have to open up that ladder so it’s tall enough to get where you need to get to. Then you have to start that pressure washer up and haul the nozzle part up the ladder spraying that dirty plastic siding of your house as you go which it very tiring if you want to know about it due to the fact that they don’t call it a pressure washer for nothing. That water comes out of that nozzle at about a 1000 miles per hour at least and just about blows you off that ladder.

This whole process gets you dripping wet even thought you’re supposed to be getting the dirty siding wet and not you but the nozzle doesn’t seem to know about that rule and you end up getting soaked as much as your house does which is a lot. And when you’re hanging on that ladder about 50 feet off the ground and you have that pressure nozzle going you can’t even aim that sucker due to the fact that you’re freaked out that you will fall and break your tympani and end up a paramedic in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. This is not a happy thing to be thinking about when all you’re trying to do is keep up the property values and not be the laughing stock of the neighborhood which hanging on a ladder like a soaked idiot sort of makes you anyway already.

Anyway, today I finished up with pressure washing my house. And just in time I’ll have you know due to the fact that all my muscles hurt like you wouldn’t believe. And that’s all I have to say about this topic which isn’t very megaphysical but so what.


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