I am not going to write this great blog for a few days due to the fact that I am going camping. As you can see from the picture I took of my tent, I will probably have a real good time roughing it as they say. I am not a camping person because I like showers and toilets and real beds. I also don’t like the idea of having only a scrap of cloth between me and the rest of the world especially when I’m probably only wearing my underwear. I also don’t like to think that a bear could come and mail me anytime it wants to. So most of the time I will probably be wide awake at night and in the day wondering why I am enjoying this experience which I don’t like even one bit.

To make manners worse, there are some people I know who are going to be camping next to me who get to stay in a totally conceited camper which looks like this:

Now I ask you is this something you would even call camping? You bet not. That is why I am already not liking camping next to this huge camper with my stupid cloth tent. Those pretend camper people will be sitting in their huge camper with electricity and beds and an indoor toilet right next to me who has to use the natural facilities so to speak and I can tell you that I’m not good at doing my business in the wide open spaces one bit. But I can bet that those trailer people won’t even care that I am being out put by their fake camping that they are doing right in my face.

So anyway, while you’re not reading this great blog until I get back you can at least hope that I will have time to be above my mind out there in the wilderness due to the fact that there’s nothing worse than camping and having to be a camper at the same time. Maybe I will find a way to be megaphysical about the whole thing but I doubt it.


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