Megaphysicality of a lake

As you would know if you have been following along on this great blog, I went camping. Last time I talked about the megaphysicality of the stars out there in the woods but now I am going to talk about the lake which was just as much where I was as the stars except in a different place. Next time I will most likely talk about the woods which were there also and they had megaphysicality about them just like the others only a woods kind, except I’m not going to talk about the woods now, only the lake part of camping.

Anyway, the name of the lake where I was is Triangle Lake which is due to the fact that it’s shaped like a triangle sort of. I saw a picture of the lake from an airplane and you could tell that somebody was trying to make a triangle but a really sloppy one. This is probably because working with lakes is always a hit and miss proposition. But I figure they got it close enough to call it a triangle lake since most of life ends up being good enough not perfect which is almost a megaphysical concept but not quite, so let’s just call it an idea and leave it at that.

During the day a lake is pretty much just a lake. People boat on it and swim in it and even fish in it. You can spend all day long on a dock or sitting in a chair looking at the lake and not get a single megaphysical concept out of the deal. That’s most likely due to the fact that daytime lakes are more what you call recreational which is the opposite of thinking above your mind. The whole point of recreation is not to think at all which most normal people find relaxing. This is not my idea of a good time I’ll have you know about it. Looking at a bunch of chubby people in swimsuits walking around sucks the fun right out of me. Maybe you could get a couple of megaphysical concepts out of a daytime lake if there wasn’t anybody around, like in a deep wilderness lake, but if there are fat people around you can forget it.

But when the sun sets that lake goes from normal to way megaphysical for sure. Once all the kids and fat people left the lake for the night I took my chair and sat on the end of the dock. I sat there quiet staring out at the smoothness of that lake and just let the concepts come rolling in. In manner of fact, that lake was so full of concepts that I didn’t really even have to go above my mind at all. This is what philosophers might call a pistological incantation. It’s sort of like that lake drained direct in my mind without any septic system to filter it. Raw concepts flushed right into my head. The only thing I can compare it to is taking LDS maybe which I haven’t but I read about once in Bow Hunter magazine at the dentist office.

Anyway, as I was sitting there staring at the lake those megaphysical concepts leaked into me without me even trying. I started thinking about how that lake was just a bunch of water all crammed into one big hole and how nature didn’t even care that somebody could drown in it. I thought about all the people in Sandy Arabia who didn’t have any water at all so all their boats and inert tubes were just sitting in their garages totally wasted. Then I thought about how calm that lake water was and it made me check my pockets to see if I still had my keys (which I did) and made me remember a time when I lost my keys in the ocean which this lake was not even close to being like except for the water part which was not salty but mostly lake water. Finally as I stared at that peaceful lake I saw the stars reflecting in the water and thought of how religion can sneak up on a person if you’re not careful and so I picked up my chair right then and there and locked myself in my van for the night.


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