The megaphysicalness of the woods

If you are following this great blog you will know that I am writing about when I went camping. I already talked about the unmegaphysical parts of it and about the megaphysicalness of the stars and the lake out there in the wilderness so I won’t repeat myself just to tell you about them again. This is a principal with me due to the fact of I expect followers of this great blog to at least pay attention since they’re getting all this above my mind stuff for totally free of charge which is at least 50% off from those fake megaphysical blogs out there which there are a lot of.

Anyway, when I was camping I took some walks in the woods along a path made by some logger trucks or something. They weren’t paved but they were good enough for me in the walking department which goes to show that I am flexible when it comes to walking in the woods and not expecting there to be a Starbucks everywhere unlike some people I know who would last maybe about two minutes in the woods. They are what you call city stickers who can’t even get into the spirit of camping unless they have one of those conceited camper RVs with kitchens and bathrooms and TV which is totally not camping in my book but a trajesty of camping in my opinion of it if you ask me.

Anyway, walking in the woods was my favorite part for sure maybe. I usually did it right after supper which was a mayonnaise sandwich which I made for myself and washed down with plasticky tasting water from my melted cooler ice cubes. So I went along the path into the woods for a long way. The woods were green with lots of plants and really tall trees but the main megaphysical thing about it was that it was super quiet there. You couldn’t hear anything except for the woods sounds like some birds and rustling noises but you couldn’t see what was making those noises and so you took it by faith (not the religious kind which I won’t be interrupted with as you should know by now) that those noises weren’t made by some bear or mountain lion or even the albino snow man which is also called a sasquash due to the fact that it’s supposed to smell bad from not taking a shower for years.

Anyway, I walked really slow and stared at all the woods stuff around me. I even saw a few rabbits on the path but I couldn’t get close enough to throw rocks at them which was kind of a downer but not that much of one. So as I walked I imagined what the garden of Eden was like if I believed in it. This started me thinking about religion again and so I started singing Bad Romance to break the spell which it totally did. I was careful after that and didn’t get trapped by religion again though I did get Lady Gaga stuck in my mind for a while but since she’s way megaphysical herself I didn’t think that counted against me.

So there I was walking in the woods and just letting those woods think above my mind for me which nature can do if you leave it alone. The problem is that when you leave the woods you can’t remember any of those megaphysical concepts that you had the woods due to the fact that they are connected to the woods and not above your mind. This is a philosophical conniption which nobody has figured out how to fix. So basically I came out of those woods knowing that I had lots of megaphysicality going on but not remembering what that was. I even went back into the woods three times to see if I could store some of those concepts (not ideas which the woods doesn’t have) above my mind where I could get them later but that was a bust.

So I’m done talking about my camping trip now. I had other adventures like burning my mouth on a marshmallow that I tried roasting over my propane burner but I don’t really want to bring that up for obviated reasons.


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