Though I am a professional at thinking above my mind, I still appreciate what you call the finer things of life. For instance as an example, I like a cup of really good coffee for one thing which I wrote about before here and so I will not repeat myself about just for the sake of telling about it again. I would enjoy more finer things of life if I could afford them but the megaphysical business doesn’t pay all that much if you want to know the truth of it.

But other than coffee there is one other finer thing of life that I enjoy sometimes and that is what you call a good cigar. You may be surprised that somebody who thinks above their mind like me would go for a cigar but I’ll have you know that some of the most famous above the mind thinkers ever have liked cigars. One is Winston Churchill who was hired by England to fight the French during the Korean War. Everybody knows how smart he was to keep those French out of England. Then there was Mark Twain who wrote that book Huckleberry Finn who chased the after that white whale but didn’t catch him due to the fact that he owned a slave or something. And speaking of megaphysical cigar smokers, there was Sigmund Freud the psychoist who was famous for thinking above other people’s minds without even their permission. But maybe the biggest megaphysical guy who smoked cigars ever was Groucho Marx who gave up on inventing communism to become a famous movie star. This was a good move since we still watch his movies but hardly anybody likes communists anymore since Russia decided to turn into a third world country. Anyway, what I’m saying is that just because a person is a professional at thinking above their mind doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy a good cigar.

Smoking a good cigar can actually help you get above your mind. It’s what you call a cataliptic converter which means it can turn normal thoughts into above the mind thoughts. This doesn’t work for a normal person who doesn’t think above their mind in the first place. You can’t solve mental problems like that with a cigar as Freud knew when he said  “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes not.” That was a nice way of telling some lady that she was making too much out of her molehill. But if you are a professional megaphysical person then a cigar can up your mind if you need it upped.

The down thing about cigars is that they are very smelly to people who don’t like them. There is nothing you can do about that except go into the woods to get away from everybody like I did when I went camping which I also wrote about here a couple of days ago and won’t repeat myself on that either due to the fact of brevity. But I happen to like the smelliness of cigars, otherwise you might as well try smoking mouthwash or flavored incense. The fact that not everybody likes the smell of cigars is what you call an occupuntural hazard, kind of like eating garlic or not taking a shower for a week due to the fact that you are camping.

Oh, and the other down thing about cigars is that they cost too much. They used to be five cents but now you burn up a lot more than that. A good cigar can cost you 6-12 bucks. That’s crazy in my book of it. As I said before and will repeat myself on this for emphasis, the megaphysical business doesn’t pay much so there aren’t a lot of what you call perks that go with the job. This pretty much means that most of the time I have to get above my mind by my own bootstraps. I am what they call a self-made mind.


2 Responses

  1. I also love a good cigar. Nice take on what some people think is a “controversial” hobby.

  2. Ah yes…very true at least a few times a week. Also goes well with a good 25 year scotch.

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