Bungee jumping

A couple of days ago my kid went bungee jumping for one of his friend’s birthday. They drove up someplace in Washington (the state, not where Disneyland is) where there was this tall bridge that they jump off of. I let him go mostly due to the fact that I would still have three other kids left if a disaster happened. When you are a parent you have to think about things like that.

Anyway, the whole point of bungee jumping is jumping from a really high place hooked to a long stretchy rope. When you get to the bottom that rope is supposed to spring you back up like a rubber band before you kill yourself or even worse. This is supposed to be a cool thing I guess. I even know some guy who is my age except way older who was in South America someplace with his son who wanted to do a bungee jump from the highest bridge in the world or maybe higher than that even. I don’t remember due to the fact that the guy was telling me all this at a tire place where we accidently met due to the fact that we were both getting tires for our cars. It was one of those places that gives you free popcorn to make you forget that they are going to charge you an arm and a ledge for putting tires on your car but I wasn’t fooled by that one bit and ate about 15 bags of popcorn just to get back at them and get my money’s worth on those tires which I totally did except for the fact that I got kind of sick and ended up spending more time in their pubic bathroom than I wanted to. Those tire store bathrooms aren’t exactly my idea of fun if you want to know my opinion on it.

Anyway, the guy told me that they went to this bungee place and his son jumped off which put the pressure on him to do the same thing because he wanted to have some kind of father and son memory or some lame thing like that so he told me he figured he had to jump too which he did and lived to tell about it which I figured out on my own since he was in the tire store telling me about it. (He didn’t have any popcorn I noticed and I thought how he was getting ripped off and didn’t even know it probably.) He tells me how great it was to free fall (which is funny since he ended up paying a lot of money to jump off that bridge) and he said he fell for like about five hours or something like that before that rubber rope bounced him from killing himself.  So he’s going on and on about how cool it was and how it probably changed his outlook on jumping off of bridges which I’m guessing is what a person would have to say to make spending all that money to jump off a bridge seem like a good idea. But by the time he got to the outlook part of his story I was already finished up with my 15th bag of popcorn and wasn’t feeling all that great so I think he thought that I thought that his story was crazy or something and just then they called his name to get his car and I was left there totally sick from popcorn but glad that I was having revenge on that tire place anyway.


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