Philosophical Concepts of Philosophy

Even though I am megaphysical mostly, I also need to give some time to what you call philosophicalities. These are the concepts (though a few are still at the idea stage) that philosophy guys have thought about since the ancient days. Even though philosophy is about important things, it is still pretty much thinking in your mind which is why you have to separate philosophy from megaphysicality which is thinking above your mind. But once you get that down you can still find a few okay concepts in philosophy. So I thought I would take a hysterical approach and cover the biggest concepts that philosophy has come up with since it started so that you can become what they call a well-funded person. This is another reason why this is such a great blog.

When they first invented philosophy in Greece way back in the ancient days, they had meetings but hadn’t figured out what to talk about yet. They voted on what to talk about (it came down to between philosophy or recipes) and philosophy won by three votes. But since there wasn’t such a thing as philosophy before, they had to decide what philosophy was going to be about. This didn’t happen right away, but after a few meetings of just sitting around being bored they decided to make philosophy actually about something they could talk about.

The first thing they did was cross out religion due to the fact that they didn’t want to be interrupted by it either. Then they crossed out sports (this was a close vote), mostly because the place where they were meeting had bad reception. After that they crossed out politics but ended up putting it back in. But they made a rule that they could only talk about politics as a megaphysical concept which was a trick since it’s impossible to talk about it like that and so after a couple of tries they just gave up.

Well, after a few meetings they finally weeded out all the ideas and narrowed it down to three big concepts. They took a vote and except for this guy called Diogenes who was kind of a pain (he came to the meetings buck naked without even a robe) they agreed on those concepts. (Diogenes was so mad that he supposedly died from holding his breath out of spiteness.) So after they decided on what philosophy was going to be about they called it a day and went home.

Here are the three concepts that that they decided on:

  1. Justice
  2. Beauty
  3. Truth

Later on some people tried to add humor to the list but nobody took it seriously. So philosophy has been mostly about these three concepts with maybe a few ideas thrown in once in awhile for variety.

So in the next parts of this great blog I’m going to talk about these philosophical concepts. Once I’ve covered them I’ll get back above my mind where I keep all my megaphysical issues.


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